Balcony vs Patio: What’s the Difference?

All residents today want to make their outdoor area perfect for the summer season.

With indoor spaces becoming congested and energy bills shooting up the roof, homeowners want to spend money on their outdoor spaces so that they can sit out in the open during the evenings.

In consideration of the above, it is necessary that you know the difference between your balcony and patio and other outdoor arrangements.

You can go about populating the area when you are well aware of the difference.

In this article, we take a look at the differences between a balcony and a patio. Stay with us as we make a comparison of balcony vs patio.

We also look at other outdoor arrangements and how you can decorate them.

Balcony vs Patio

A balcony is an exterior extension of the platform on the first or second floor of your home.

Balconies extend outside the structure of the room or the house to provide a separate space for enjoying the weather and the air.

Most balconies aren’t really made part of the living arrangement since they are tight on space. Homeowners tend to use their balconies for personal space and seating.

Patios, on the other hand, happen to be more structured at the ground level. Patios are formed at ground level and are made to last for longer periods.

Patios are made out of permanent material options such as poured concrete, bricks, stone, or pavers.

Patios are more common in households because they are stronger, more powerful, and easier to build.

Designing a patio doesn’t really have to be tricky work because they sit right in the middle of your landscape and augment the entire hardscaping.

Patios can also be complemented through canopies, a fire pit, and much more. You can add your own taste to the project and will then see just how beautiful it looks.

Differentiating Decks and Patios

Decks and patios offer an additional outdoor living room option to you and expand your living space without any fuss. A deck is built upon an existing slope and supported by strong footings.

The deck is positioned above the ground and can be at the height of many feet or a few inches above the ground.

Decks are popular in homes with uneven gardens. Building a consistent ground can be a hassle in such homes, which is why the best way to go out of this conundrum is through the presence of a deck.

Deck frames are usually built out of steel or wood frames. These frames happen to be sturdy in their own right but cannot be considered permanent solutions.

Flooring choices for your deck include composite materials, bamboo, natural wood, and pressure-treated lumber.

These materials have their own suitability and should only be chosen on the basis of what is best for the climate or the temperature that you live in.

Patios also require specific furniture items, as you cannot place random living room furniture under the sunlight for longer periods.

It is necessary that you be judicious in your choices and go for furniture items that are meant for space.

Tips for Designing the Best Outdoor Space

As temperatures rise, our focus turns to outdoor living spaces.

The smell of backyard barbecues and blooming flowers is perfect for luring you out into the patio or porch with your friends and family.

If you have excess space outdoors but haven’t yet decorated it into the ideal outdoor living space, then you are at the right place.

In this section, we take a look at some tips and directions you can follow to ensure the perfect outdoor living space.

Start with the basics and head upwards to create a true work of art in your outdoor garden and living area.

The first thing you need to do while working on an outdoor project is to determine the purpose of the space.

The design for the outdoor space should be set according to the use you have for that space.

If you plan to use the space for hosting BBQs and dinner parties, then you should preferably design a BBQ spot, along with a fire pit to add some warmth on chilly nights.

Additionally, if you want to have extra space for entertainment, then an audio system can work wonders in the outdoor area.

Sometimes people want to be close to nature, where they are surrounded by peace and relaxation.

If you want that, you should get bird silhouettes and other forms of nature to don the exterior space.

Remember that the purpose you have behind the project plays a defining role in determining the actual design.

You should also consider the wind patterns and sun exposure in your outdoor area. Do you want to add a shade to the space, or do you want it to be the way it is?

Anyways, you should ensure that the area is comfortable for seating and there is enough shade for everyone to sit and have a good time.

A patio is an important part of your outdoor decor and should be treated accordingly.

Homeowners don’t have a lot of ideas when it comes to decorating small patios, which is why the decoration is all over the place here.

To begin with, you can benefit by hanging curtains on the patio. Hanging curtains is an easy and inexpensive way to create a temporary wall inside your patio.

This decoration does not only add an aesthetic appeal to your patio but can also be used for layering up the area for neighbors and renters.

The soft and fluffy look of curtains can soften up the patio area, leading to a more acceptable feeling.

Lighting is necessary for every outdoor area, which is why you should add copious amounts of it to your patio. Create a constellation of lights to spark up the place.

Finally, you can make your patio area look even better by adding some greenery. Take a leaf out of nature’s book, literally, and plant some greens in the area.

A big part of designing the perfect outdoor areas is to create the right mix between hardscape and landscape.

You should have a pavement with different pots and plants lining it. Additionally, the seating can be set based on the landscape you want to set.

For those of us looking to replicate nature, rattan chairs and stools sound ideal. Others, who want a more comfortable seating arrangement, can go for cushions and sofas with padding.

The ratio of landscaping and hardscaping comes down to how you plan to use the space in the future.

Lighting Solutions for Outdoor Space

We cannot talk enough about the importance of lights in your garden or backyard.

Not only do appropriate lights add a romantic and aesthetic feeling to late-night sessions, but they also ensure that prowlers stay away from your backyard.

The security you get through lighting is unparalleled by anything else.

Also, certain lighting solutions offer amazing aesthetics with them as well. The aesthetics go a long way in ensuring that your guests are blown away by the quality of the lighting sources.

If you want an aesthetic lighting source for your garden or backyard, then you are at the right place. In this section, we go through some of the main lighting solutions for your garden and backyard.

One of the best ideas to light up your garden today is path lighting. Path lights are usually set alongside a hardscape path, taking you to the barbecue pit or the center area of the backyard.

Path lights are a hit with homeowners today because they create the perfect mix of simplicity and opulence. They are simple enough to not cost you much and opulent enough to blow your guests away.

Believe us when we say that all of your guests would be blown away in excitement when they first walk past or across your pavement lights.

The path lights would make them feel like royalty. You can also go for a poppy garden torch light in your backyard.

These lights resemble the shape of a poppy plant, with a lighting fixture positioned in between.

So, what basically looks and feels like a plant will suddenly glow up, leading to the perfect aesthetics and lighting within the area.

Another aesthetic idea for lighting up your backyard is string light lighting.

String lights create a warm and intimate ambiance and provide you with the glow and cover you need across the center of your backyard.

If you’re thinking of going for a more traditional form of lighting, lanterns are a safe bet.

You could maybe head to a thrift store or an antique shop and get amazing discounts on some of their solid lanterns from the past.

These lanterns do shine well and can easily add a rustic appeal to your home. We love the way they glow and create a scenic setting.

Finally, if you have a deck in your outdoor seating area, then deck lighting would also work. Deck lighting solutions are convenient and light up the area well.

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