Can You Put a Kiddie Pool on a Balcony?

You may have wondered at some point while walking around your balcony if it’s possible to set up a kiddie pool without the risk of water seeping into the ground or it being dangerous in any way.

Most balconies in apartment buildings and homes are fairly sturdy and made of strong materials that are waterproof and water resistant, which means that even if there is a bit of water spillage, there won’t be any major problems as long as you clean it up.

However, you should consider how much weight your balcony can hold since kiddie pools come in all shapes and sizes, which means they can easily fit 200 gallons of water if you choose a moderately sized one.

This amount of water easily weighs over 1500 pounds, which is too much force per square foot, although kiddie pools cover a decent amount of area.

You may want to know how much weight your balcony can hold, and there are several factors to consider, such as the materials of construction, safety planning, construction quality, size fasteners, weather conditions, and general wear and tear.

Let’s explore in detail whether it is feasible to set up a kiddie pool on your balcony.

Ask For Permission

First and foremost, if you’re planning to set up a kiddie pool on your balcony, you must first get permission from your leasing company since there are many rules in your housing contract that may prohibit you from placing large furniture items on the balcony.

If your contract does not specify this information, you may want to reach out to your company and ask them if it’s possible to set up a kiddie pool on the balcony.

This is the right move to take because you want to avoid being selfish for two major reasons: you may cause inconveniences for other tenants if you’re spilling water on your balcony, and you may risk causing safety concerns, which is a no-no.

However, if your company does give you permission to set up a kiddie pool, you can buy a small one from the store and ensure that there are drainage options on the balcony and that your children aren’t spilling too much water outside.

You may want to consult an expert before setting up the kiddie pool on your balcony so that you know exactly what you’re dealing with and how to go about setting it up in a risk-free way. 

Get Expert Advice

Your kids may have brought up the idea of a swimming pool and are simply not letting it go, which may lead you to eventually give in and try to set it up on the balcony.

However, after checking with your leasing company and getting permission, you may want to seek expert advice from a structural engineer, who can give you a better idea of how much load your balcony can bear.

Even if your apartment building is newly constructed, the balcony itself may not be that sturdy, which is why you shouldn’t take unnecessary risks for no reason.

Structural engineers can be hired for an examination, which will inform you of your balcony’s structural integrity and condition, allowing you to make any repairs or avoid setting up a kiddie pool altogether.

The engineer will tell you exactly which materials were used to construct the balcony, giving you an idea about how much load they can bear per square foot and how water resistant they are.

Even if your kiddie pool is small, it may still weigh a lot, which may exceed the force requirement per square foot of your balcony’s capability, causing you to give up on your idea.

However, if the engineer has said that it’s okay, you can go ahead with your plan and set it up carefully so your children can engage in an enjoyable activity. 

Ask Yourself How Safe It Actually is?

If you’ve got neighbors and other tenants living below you, it may not be a smart move to set up a kiddie pool on the balcony since it can jeopardize your relationship with your fellow residents.

If you’re a grown-up raising children, you should have enough awareness to not give your children everything they want, especially if it causes potential problems for other people.

You may want to speak to your neighbors before setting up the kiddie pool about whether it will bother them if their balcony gets a little wet from spillage.

If you’re close to your neighbors, they might not mind, but if you’re causing major inconveniences, you should try to find another alternative activity like setting up a play area on your balcony.

Even if you’ve accounted for water spillage by setting up the drainage, you may want to think about the noise pollution your kids will contribute to, especially when they’re having fun in a kiddie pool.

This may not be considerate on your part since your neighbors might have night shifts and could be sleeping in the afternoon, or the noise is simply too much for it to be acceptable.

You can tell your kids all you want to be quiet when playing, but chances are that they can’t help being noisy since they’re having so much fun in the kiddie pool.

Getting permission and approval from your leasing company and structural engineer is one thing but winning your neighbors over is another.

This may be the deciding factor when trying to set up a kiddie pool on the balcony, which means you will have to approach it carefully and explain to the neighbors that you plan to minimize the noise and prevent any water from spilling.

This considers your neighbors below you, but what about your neighbors on the side?

If their balcony door is open, all the noise your kids are making from playing in the pool will make its way directly into your neighbors’ home, which can get annoying since it starts to interfere with their day.

Ask Yourself If It’s Worth the Trouble

You may want to take a classic approach and make a pros and cons list so you can weigh the benefits of setting up a kiddie pool on your balcony with the disadvantages to help you finalize your decision.

You should also consider other alternative activities, such as setting up a play area on the balcony, which is only limited by your imagination.

If your kids are adamant about trying a water-based activity, you can make water balloons or spray your children down with a hose if the summer season is really hot.

Another alternative is to buy a tent and create a shaded area for your children to hang out and have fun.

You should also try to incorporate some reading into your children’s daily activities as it’s a fun and engaging hobby and activity that benefits your children in many ways.

If your children are throwing a fuss and really want to swim, you can let them join a swimming class and take them yourself so they can also socialize with other children, which is more beneficial than swimming on your balcony.

To be completely honest, balconies aren’t really designed for swimming pools, and you must ask yourself whether it’s worth the trouble even if you get permission from your housing company and neighbors.

Aren’t there many other activities for you to choose from?

If you listen to every single one of your children’s requests, you will spoil them.

You should think about other ways to have fun and read some books about activities to do with your children to keep them occupied and engaged in their daily life.

All parents know that once children start to get bored, they can become difficult to deal with, which means you may want to actively participate in their lives to maintain a happy environment in your home.

Consider the problems that come with having a kiddie pool on your balcony.

In the worst-case scenario, what if the balcony collapses?

That kind of situation can spiral out of control and ruin lives, especially since children move a lot in swimming pools and this shifts the weight considerably, potentially causing cracks and leaks, which could be dangerous.

If your main reason for having a kiddie pool is to keep your children occupied, then it’s probably not justified for you to take the risk of setting up a pool on your balcony.

You may want to do some research and create a list of activities to try with your children and see which ones they like and respond to the most.

Final Verdict

Setting up a kiddie pool on your balcony is certainly possible, but you will want to check with your leasing company and hire a structural engineer for his input so you can gauge whether it’s safe to follow through or find some other activity to keep your kids engaged and entertained.

It is unlikely that your neighbors wouldn’t mind if there’s too much noise and water spillage, which is why you might want to consider alternative activities that are less disruptive and more convenient.

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