How to Clean Bird Poop off Balcony?

The urban lifestyle has its perks and cons, but one thing that it hasn’t changed is our human need for an outdoor space.

Whether you live in a suburban bungalow or a New York apartment – a balcony, deck, patio, terrace, and garden are some of the common outdoor spaces you get to enjoy a source of fresh air and some of nature’s wonders – birds.

Now birds are not at all alarming unless you have that uncanny phobia, or an eagle decides to perch up on your outdoor space.

However, what these birds tend to do that does become quite a situation is taking their nature’s call on your balcony.

Yes, birds can be little nuisances, causing trouble as they poop around on your balcony for you to clean and scrape later.

Whether they are attracted to your balcony décor, or your outdoor space is invading their territory, for one reason or another, birds can get quite comfortable on your balcony and even start a family – rent-free.

Talk about an annoying tenant that only makes life more miserable. Not to mention that bird droppings in significant amounts can easily become a health hazard.

So, what to do about these birds when you don’t want to hurt them?

Well, we recommend that instead of letting them wreak havoc in your private outdoor space or simply giving up on stepping there ever again, how about you deploy some anti-bird poop tips and tricks?

Yes, there is a solution to all this after all, and we shall get to it together.

10 Ways to Stop Birds from Pooping on Your Balcony

As every bird is different, some ways may not work for one type but might be an excellent solution for another.

Therefore, it is up to you to find the perfect combination of ways that work for you, depending on the type of birds you find in your area perched up on your balcony.

Hence, here are ten effective ways to stop birds from pooping on your balcony:  

Humanely Deterring the Birds

The first intuitive thing you would want to do is deter the birds and shoo them away from your balcony.

However, it would be very temporary, and soon you’ll see them perched up on your balcony again.

Moreover, some birds are more adventurous than others and wouldn’t even budge even if you try to scare them off for the first time.

Maintaining Cleanliness of the Area

Understandably, shooing the birds can work just so much, and you have to employ other ways that are a little prolonged. So, maintaining the cleanliness of your balcony is one such way.

It may require regular unkeep, use of chemical detergents, not allowing things to collect, etc.

But it is one of the most effective ways to keep birds away from pooping on your balcony.

Keep Landscaping Trimmed Around the Balcony

Another great effective idea to create an anti-bird poop environment is to keep the landscaping trimmed around your balcony.

We know overgrown shrubs and tree branches hanging over the balcony look “oh so dreamy” and cozy.

But focus on the fact that it will create space between you and the bird’s natural habitat, allowing the bird to stay away instinctively and not poop.

Place the Bird Feeder Away from the Balcony

Birds gather around the bird feeder to eat. So, it is given that they would be perched up near food if they find a quiet, shaded area like your balcony nearby and consequently poop there too.

So on the same page as creating space between your balcony and bird habitat: try placing the bird feeder as far away from your balcony as possible.

Bird Spikes to Keep Bigger Birds at Bay

While pigeons and sparrows are small, naïve, and innocent birds, crows and eagles can be quite large in size and very smart too.

This means birds like these would be much more difficult to deter from your balcony.

Hence, employing the use of bird spikes is a great way to keep bigger birds at bay. It is basically a barbed wire wrapped around your balcony railings.

Faux Predator Installations

While Halloween only comes once a year, how about you utilize your Halloween decorations all year long to keep birds away?

Birds recognize their predators and will never perch near them, let alone try to build a nest. Therefore, installations of owls, bats, and other predators can easily scare them off.

However, ensure it has movement; otherwise, birds would know it’s not harmful.

Try Noise to Keep Them Away

Birds hate loud noises of any kind but especially honking or predator sounds like cats screeching or dog barks, etc.

Hence, you can install a battery-operated speaker on your balcony that allows you to make noise as soon as you see a bird perched up on your balcony.

It will quickly care them off and not have them coming back as long as they recognize the sound.  

Sprinklers to the Rescue

If you have a garden underneath your balcony, this is your perfect chance to use your garden sprinkler to rescue your balcony.

Birds are not fond of being splashed without their will, and it takes them by surprise.

Hence, a motion-sensor sprinkler that goes off any time a bird perches up near your balcony should really help get those pooping nuisances away.

DIY Sun Flashes

While birds love sunlight, they are not a big fan of a bright flash on their face as it blurs their vision.

Hence, you can use this to your advantage by hanging old compact discs from the balcony ceiling as they will effectively reflect the sunlight, would be light enough to move around because of wind, and easily help you in keeping the birds away so that they don’t poop around.

Compromise, Reflect, Adapt

Lastly, if all of the ways mentioned above are not cutting it for you – your only choice is to compromise, reflect and adapt to the given situation.

This means that you should probably net your whole balcony along the edge of the roof and compromise on a completely open hanging-over area.

Reflect upon your choice for a day or two and simply adapt to it.

Tips to Handle Bird Droppings Appropriately

As we mentioned earlier, bird droppings in significant amounts can become a serious health hazard.

Therefore, not only understanding those health risks is essential, but how to handle bird poop appropriately is crucial to ensure the safety of those doing it.

Hence, here are some additional tips on how to handle bird dropping appropriately:

Understanding the Health Hazards

According to research published by Medical News Today, birds can carry over 60 diseases, out of which some can be quite serious and even fatal for humans.

Many potentially fatal diseases primarily spread through bird droppings, from avian flu to salmonella, cryptococcus, and histoplasmosis.

Therefore, treating bird poop is crucial to avoid health risks.

Don’t Contaminate Your Surroundings.

If you live in an apartment building with neighbors around and their balconies hanging above and below yours – it is important not only to take care of your balcony but to ensure you don’t contaminate them.

Hence whenever you scrape off or clear bird droppings, collect them in a plastic bag and dispose of them in a nearby dumpster for best safety.

Use Protective Gear for Cleaning

It is important not to let bird poop sit on your balcony or gather in large amounts. So, this calls for regular cleaning.

However, it is absolutely crucial to use protective gear as you clean bird droppings because, as mentioned, they run a serious health hazard.

Therefore, wear disposable gloves, a mask, specific boots (only reserved for this), and a respirator for your safety.

Don’t Handle Bird’s Nest, Eggs, Dead Birds, or Baby Birds

Finding dead birds, baby birds, and eggs near the bird’s nest is fairly common. However, it is crucial to understand that you should NEVER handle these with bare hands or a protective mask.

Bird feathers can accumulate bacteria, viruses, and parasites that can seriously harm you and ride with you in your homes. Hence it is best to call an animal service.

Immunocompromised People Should Stay Away

Because of all the reasons we have mentioned above, it is never a good idea for immunocompromised people to be near bird droppings, let alone clean them.

Bird droppings and feathers are a common medium for transferring fungal and bacterial infections and host to parasites that can cause serious trouble in people who already have an underlying condition.

Our Final Thoughts

You might feel guilty about deterring birds from your balcony or outdoor space because, let’s be honest, birds are harmless creatures.

However, it is crucial not to let them contaminate your balcony with bird poop; otherwise, it compromises your safety and puts you at a serious health risk.

So hopefully, the strategies and tips we shared with you will help you in dealing appropriately with bird droppings and ensure a clean, healthy balcony and outdoor space for you to enjoy.


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