Faux Balconies – What does it mean?

If you think that the exterior of your home is lacking something, a faux balcony might probably be the solution you need.

Faux balconies give a house a unique flair that makes it stand out from the crowd, all the while improving the security of outside windows and doors.

Faux balconies are actually fake balconies, as you may be able to tell by the name.

While they are constructed in a similar manner and with similar construction material, these balconies are intended only to enhance the outside appearance of a house and don’t serve any purpose that a balcony usually does.

What is a Faux Balcony?

In order to create the illusion of a balcony, an ornamental work of iron that is erected over a window, below it, or in front of it is constructed.

Faux balconies are only built to improve the aesthetic of a house and are not designed to sustain a person’s weight.

Faux balconies are excellent for highlighting large French windows or for making regular windows appear bigger.

Nearly all windows in Paris have a fake balcony to highlight the French doors and give the illusion that the compact flats have balconies.

Benefits of a Faux Balcony

  • The faux balcony rail acts as a barrier from inside when your doors or windows are open, protecting the residents from possible falls.
  • It breaks up the monotonous flatness of a building.
  • It improves the appearance of a home giving it character and adding to a property’s overall value.
  • These balconies can also protect the house from burglars Due to the fact that they block the lowest panel of the outer window.

Did You Know?

Faux balconies gained popularity after the famous scene from Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet where Juliet performs solo in front of the French window. 

Types of Faux Balconies

Also called Juliette balconies, faux balconies are available in 3 different forms.

Whichever kind you select will depend on your aesthetic preference and the design of your home.

When selecting a balconette, there is no wrong or right option.

Most faux balconies are constructed with wrought iron due to their durability and ability to hold their shape as time passes.

Wrought iron is also widely used because it is resistant to weather changes like snow, wind, rain, and storms, and so long as it is secured properly, it will last you several years. 

Some balconies can be constructed out of material other than wrought iron, but it has to be durable and strong enough to act as a faux balcony.

Aluminum is one such material that has gained popularity for faux balconies recently and is also less expensive than wrought iron; however, it isn’t as intricately designed. 

Aluminum balconies can also last for years and can withstand almost all kinds of climatic changes and can also be painted in any color of your choice, typically with a powder coat to protect them from corrosion and rust. 

Usually, faux balconies are situated on the exterior of your house, on the second story of a door or window that extends to floor height, but you may also install them on windows that are at floor level.

Your Juliette balcony will look like a balcony without its functional utility. 

Other kinds of balconies have artificial landings, giving them an even more terrace-like appearance yet preventing you from taking your caffeine fix outside.

Old World Faux Balcony

This type of fake balcony entails the use of intricately wrought iron work and largely draws on European aesthetics. 

The majority of Old-World balconies have ornate scrollwork and sophisticated, Baroque-style motifs.

These are typically black, but depending on the provider you select, they may also come in other tints.

Some balconies, however, feature Victorian themes that would feature numerous intricately sculpted patterns and swirls. There are other classical styles with vertical columns.

For houses with European architectural styles, balconies from the Old World are popular.

They might not fit together with houses that have a more rural or trendy style or with houses that have a Spanish or Mediterranean atmosphere.

A replica Old World balcony could be less expensive than special order, based on the maker.

There is no classification for the old world, but most balconies still had Old World elements.

This name refers to a phrase for balconies with elaborate decorations and European inspirations.

These balconies can either have a completely straight railing with ornate spirals and metalwork or have 3 panels.

Juliette Balcony

The well-known theater play Romeo and Juliet, which became popular earlier during the Renaissance, was the inspiration for Juliet’s balconies.

Juliet watched Romeo proclaim his love from a balcony similar to this one.

A Juliet balcony is made of elaborately ornamented wrought iron metal with exquisite scrollwork, which has strong Renaissance characteristics.

These fake balconies have more of a formal aesthetic with repeating ornate patterns.

Juliet balconies sometimes only incorporate a single-hand railing that is mounted in front of a door or window; however, most have 3 different components. 

Sometimes, Juliet balconies have a little space for a small garden or flowerpots. What’s even more unique about Juliet balconies is that they can be constructed indoors as well. 

Modern Faux Balconies

If the wrought iron renaissance period isn’t your style, you’ll be glad to know that faux balconies are also available in several modern and contemporary designs.

It is up to you to choose between an aluminum or wrought iron balcony, and you can have it shaped however you like.

Although, a unique and customized railing will definitely be pricier. 

The designs of the false balconies can range from simple rectangular to minimalist modernist or perhaps even decorative arts.

When you select a contemporary balcony, there are no restrictions on how you can design it.

A contemporary fake balcony might have one side or three. The majority of these balconies lack the intricate details of a Juliet or Old-World imitation balcony and are instead simple.

On a contemporary balcony, you won’t find a lot of swirls or scrollwork.

If you don’t like the detailed features of an Old World or Juliet balcony, you would be advised to consider a more contemporary alternative.

If you’re seeking to deviate from a more standard design, these fake balconies are a perfect alternative because they can be used on any sort of property.

Decorating Ideas for a Faux Balcony

Since faux balconies are pretty useless apart from improving the aesthetic of the exterior of houses, they can still be used to further enhance the appearance of your home and give it a more real-balcony-like feel. Continue reading to know how you can personalize your faux balcony:

Railing Plants

A simple solution to enhance the appearance and personalize your faux balcony while bringing freshness into your home is by adding railing plants.

Railing plants will spruce up the area with vibrancy and intrigue, and some plants might even add a little bit of seclusion.


Due to the numerous methods to display them, string lights are consistently a welcome feature.

While a fake balcony may prevent you from hanging lights from a ceiling, you can easily wrap them around the railing and its spirals giving it an aesthetic look. 

Fake Balcony Calls for a Fake Dining Area

With a hint of creativity and imagination, you will be able to utilize that fake balcony of yours more efficiently.

Open the doors to your faux balcony and set up a fake dining area for those lousy weekends where you really want to enjoy the fresh breeze and lovely views from outside.

As an alternative, you may also attach a foldable bar table towards the inside, which you could use to enjoy a drink while savoring the weather.

Privacy Cover

You may think of installing a privacy cover over the railing of your faux balcony if it is exposed to a lack of seclusion.

However, your choices may be far more constrained compared to a typical balcony. Choose only alternatives that are easily mounted to the rail and don’t take up any floor space.

While you may itch to do something with that useless piece of iron outside your door or window, sometimes it’s better to leave it as it is, particularly if it is already well-designed and gives you a lovely outdoor view. 

Wrap Up

Faux balconies are a terrific option to add flair to your house without needing to spend the high expenditures of constructing an actual balcony.

Although they will definitely enhance the appearance, fake balconies are of no practical use. 

A balconette cannot be used in the same manner as a balcony. Your fake balcony can only act as a barrier even if you install it outside a door.

Your balconette won’t have any space for sitting or standing.

Now you know all about faux balconies and even their little usefulness.

If you are on a tight budget and would like to enhance the appearance of your home’s exterior, faux balconies can be an excellent option.

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