Best Fire Pit for Apartment Balcony!

It’s not uncommon for homeowners to spend a little time searching for the best appliance for their house.

In the case of a balcony fire pit, it’s the right thing to do. You need to consider a couple of things: Is your decision smart, safe, or legal?

Then, there’s the more important question: Can I place my portable fire pit on a wood deck or grass, under a pergola, under a tree, etc.?

Nowadays, balcony fire pits are becoming quite popular. This choice is more suitable for people living in condos or apartment buildings.

However, now, you probably wonder, “Won’t placing a fire pit on the balcony be a fire hazard?”

Yes, it will be! The good news is that many companies are now offering small fire pits that you can easily place on your balcony.

Still, you shouldn’t consider it as a sign to buy one online. Local and state governments, property management companies, and homeowners’ associations impose rules and regulations that protect the owners’ property and prevent people from getting hurt.

You can consider this factor before making this major purchase.

So, before you create a cozy nook with a fire pit on your balcony, we recommend consulting whoever is responsible for overlooking the maintenance and other ongoings in your building.

You need to assess your balcony and choose a fire pit that fits well in it.

Why Buy a Fire Pit for Your Balcony?

A balcony fire pit does not just keep you warm, but some offer you the chance to adjust the design and turn it into a BBQ grill, making it great for outdoor gatherings.

Do not cook food on fire pits that are meant for just warming hands because this can clog up the pit with fat. However, you can roast S’mores on it.

Things to Consider When Buying a Balcony Fire Pit

Type and Size

You will find plenty of balcony fire pits in different designs, sizes, and fuel sources. One of the most important factors among these is fuel.

You should choose one that is readily available. If you live outside the city, firewood will not be a problem on a farm.

However, if your house is in the city’s hub, you must consider other options.


The same factors mentioned above are responsible for the price of a fire pit. A balcony fire pit usually costs between $99 and $500.

If you like an expensive model, pay attention to how functional it will be in your space. Consider the fuel options and how much you will have to pay.

While putting a fire pit on your balcony is not 100% safe, you can take a few steps to prevent mishaps.

Make that no wood furniture, bamboo or wicker décor pieces, soft toys, rugs, and plastic comes in contact with the fire pit.

Note: Liquefied petroleum gas is a safer fuel option because it does not crackle or split like solid fuels.

Now that you know how to pick a fire pit for your balcony, let’s take at some of the top one’s trending in the housing market:

Haiti Fire Bowl by Cook King

The Haiti Fire Bowl is 80cm wide and 30cm tall. It has a contemporary design and is made of steel. Three tubular legs provide support to this bowl.

Unlike the curved fire pits, it has straight sides and is low sitting, which protects the flame from the wind.

One of the best things about this fire pit is that it has a big diameter that allows more people to warm themselves.

The versatility of this fire pit makes it a great buy. There are a few add-ons, such as a grill plate and a lid with rings that turn it from a standard fire pit into a modern BBQ.


  • You can use sticks, charcoal, wood, etc. for fuel
  • It’s portable
  • The concave design prevents ashes from blowing outside the pit
  • Manufactured with handmade crude steel
  • It is durable and hard-wearing


  • If you have children or pets, they might knock down the tubular stand

893 Deluxe Fire Pit by Outland Living

The Deluxe Fire Pit is 43” wide and 37” tall. It’s a portable fire pit that works on propane gas. It is made of heavy gauge steel with a hard-wearing powder-coated finish.

It has a built-in grill and an igniter, making it easy for you to cook food on it without any preparation.

You can fill the fire pit with your favorite logs or wood chips; all it needs is a connection to a propane tank.


  • Allows you to light a campfire quickly
  • It’s easy to transport due to its lightweight
  • It has an easy operation


  • There’s no catcher under the pit. The ashes will fall on the floor, and you will have to clean up the mess
  • The powder coating fades after a while, causing rust issues

Elfida Fire Pit Column by All Modern

The Elfida Fire Pit has a simple and elegant cylindrical design. It is 10” wide and 14” tall. Its silo design gives off warmth better than other fire pits with a similar shape.

The fire pit is made of concrete, which makes it durable. It works on propane and makes for an attractive centerpiece.


  • It has a gray finish and blends well with the surroundings
  • It is small enough to be placed on a table
  • Since it is made of concrete, it won’t burn your temperature


  • A strong gust of wind often blows out the flame
  • You have to buy the lid separately

Balcony Fire Pit Table by Best Choice Products

The Balcony Fire Pit Table is a functional and beautiful piece. It is 28” wide and 24.75” tall. It looks like a center table that you can place between two chairs.

It has a natural stone finish, and the built-in gas option allows you to cook food.

The fire pit has a durable steel frame, which makes it a safe and long-lasting choice. Just fill up the pit with wood chips and light the grill.


  • Has an attractive grainy wood finish
  • Durable steel construction
  • Has a unique design


  • Its wood coating fades away after a while after a couple of uses

Bonfire Balcony Fire Pit by Solo Stove

Looking for an even smaller balcony fire pit than the Elfida Fire Pit Column?

The Balcony Fire Pit has a compact design, which makes it perfect for a single person. However, a party of four can gather around it to warm themselves.

It is made of high-quality materials and has a sturdy frame. One of the best things about this fire pit is that it has a carrying case, making it easy for you to take it anywhere.

It is 22” wide and 17” tall. The fire pit has kindled wood and a fire starter rod. If you are using a fire pit for the first time, you will be glad to know that Solo Stove offers an instructions manual that provides steps for lighting it.


  • The double-wall design of the fire pit maximizes the burning process and airflow
  • Vent holes at the bottom let in oxygen that feeds the fire
  • It offers a complete burn. Meaning: No half-burned logs
  • Does not give off smoke
  • Comes with all the basic accessories to light a fire
  • No propane or gas required
  • Has an ash pan that keeps the coals and embers contained, which ensures the vent holes do not get clogged


  • Does not have a cover
  • It’s difficult to clean the ashtray
  • Using water to wipe the fire pit’s parts can result in rust

Wave Tabletop Fire Bowl by Terra Flame

How about a fire pit that offers warmth and can be used as an aesthetic centerpiece?

The Wave Tabletop Fire Bowl is 11” wide and 6”tall. It adds a relaxing ambiance to the balcony and also serves as soft patio lighting.

The gentle flickering flame crackles like a campfire but without the flying sparks.

It is made of stone and is available in various colors. The Fire Bowl is hand-cast and has a sustainable and contemporary ocean wave design.

This fire pit comes with three gel fuel containers, river rocks, and a cork liner and has a 3-hour burn time/can.


  • It easily fits in any space
  • It’s hand-cast from sustainable and organic concrete
  • The Fire Bowl is food-safe and can be used to roast S’mores


  • Its packaging is faulty. Many people have complained about receiving chipped or broken bowls
  • The containers don’t last long as advertised, and you will probably burn through all three in one sitting
  • Buying more containers is extremely expensive

Burlington Outdoor Fire Pit by Endless Summer

The Burlington Outdoor Fire Pit is a one-of-a-kind table with a hidden fire pit. It is 30” wide and 24” tall. It has a push-and-turn button that ignites the flame and a hide-away table.

It is made from durable steel and has a bronze oil finish and a faux wood top.


  • It has a UV-printed mantel in faux wood
  • It has a steel base that keeps the food on the table warm
  • It has a hidden control panel
  • It can be turned into a table
  • It has electronic ignition
  • It shuts off automatically after a while
  • A grill can be placed on top for cooking food


  • Though it is a fire pit table, it does not come with any chairs

Final Thoughts

A fire pit for your balcony is worth buying if you love spending your evenings outdoors.

It will be the perfect addition to the space and give you a cozy corner to roast S’mores and read your favorite book.

Moreover, it will allow you to invite your friends for a small get-together and have a BBQ on the balcony.

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