How To Hang Lights on Balcony?

The balcony is like a little world of solitude in any house or apartment. It can be your own little corner where you can meditate, get in touch with nature, have a cup of tea, or discuss elements of deep philosophy with your closest friends.

In any case, having your own balcony is a huge blessing, and it only makes sense to want to personalize this space according to your tastes.

One of the simplest ways you can personalize your balcony is by hanging lights there.

With a nicely lit balcony, you will have the perfect little space where you can read a book or practice your hobbies, such as art or craftwork.

If none of that, you can simply hang aesthetic, cute lights all around the space and simply exist there with nature.

Of course, there are a few things you should consider when thinking of lighting your balcony up, and here is a few of those considerations:

Warm, Neutral, or Cool?

The very first thing you should think about, even before you go get the lights of your choice, is the type of lighting you want. With traditional lights, there are three common choices available:

  • Cool Lights: These lights are in a cool, almost bluish-white hue. 
  • Neutral Lights: Neutral lights are still white but with a warmer hue than cool lights.
  • Warm Lights: Warm lights are essentially yellow or yellowish-white.

Personally speaking, warm lights are the most aesthetically pleasing lights. They will give the balcony a warm, almost homely feeling.

Warm and neutral lights are also much better for taking pictures compared to cool lights.

Warm lights also impart a feeling of relaxation to you as you bask in their embrace. Cooler lights are more clinical and may not help in letting you feel calm or relaxed.

However, this is entirely a matter of preference.

Many lights available nowadays can switch from warm to neutral to cool as well.

Colored Lights?

Alternatively, if none of the previously mentioned lights appeal to you, you can also go for colored lights. Of course, colored lighting is more for the aesthetic than for actual functionality.

It is highly likely you will not be able to peacefully read a book with a cool blue light shining on you, but it will look quite amazing regardless.

Of course, if you do not want to commit to a specific type of lighting, you can have options of different types of lighting on your balcony as well.

Types Of Lights

Now that you have possibly decided on what color of the hue of light you want on the balcony, it is time to decide the type of lights that will look best on your balcony.

You can choose one of these options or a few, depending on what you want the lighting situation on your balcony to be.

String Lights

String lights are super popular, and they have been for a while. One of the reasons why these lights are so popular is that they are super versatile as well.

You can wrap them around plants on your balcony, hang them on hooks, tape them to the walls, and whatnot.

Nowadays, there are unique shapes of these lights available as well. You can pick out the ones that go best with the aesthetic of your balcony and make use of them there.

String lights also come in a variety of colors, from the usual white and warm ones to blue, green, and even red. So you can take your pick with these lights.

Of course, even though string lights look great on their own, they do not provide as much light as other lighting options you can find.

So they will look great on your balcony but will not really provide much functionality.


Putting up lamps on the walls or ceiling of your balcony is also a perfectly reasonable way to light up your balcony.

There are many gorgeous, aesthetically pleasing lamps available in the market.

You just need to make sure there is an outlet and a place to wire them on, and then you will have a gorgeous, well-lit balcony.

Lamps are also perfect for giving you light that you can use to read or perform other tasks. However, lamps usually come in limited hues, which are mostly warm, neutral, or cool.

LED Strips

LED strips are also very trendy these days. You can find them in shops or online, and they are quite cheap too.

LED strips to come in many different colors, from hues of white, blue, green, red, pink, and others still.

The best thing about LED strip lights is that they are easily stuck on any surface since the surface of the lights has an adhesive.

Most people put these lights up on the edges of the walls and the ceilings or under the door frame as well.

There are many creative ways to put up LED strip lights on your balcony and amp up the appeal of your little space.

However, LED strip lights give off the least amount of light out of all the other options we have mentioned.

They do increase visibility, but you cannot perform any visually taxing tasks under these lights. They will help your balcony look really cool and visually appealing, though.

Lantern Strings

Lantern string lights are also a very reasonable option for your balcony. These lights look best if you have a railing on your balcony.

You can either glue them on the balcony’s railing or wrap them around the frame of the balcony.

The small lanterns give off a very warm and welcoming aura to the balcony and also help to light the place up as well.

Other Innovative Lights

There are many other, more innovative options of lighting available in the market now as well.

This includes speaker lights, which are cool LED lights that also double as Bluetooth speakers.

So you can use them to play music while also lighting up your balcony.

You can also find unique lights enclosed in jars that you can put all around your balcony as well.

All in all, there are many options for lighting available.

You just have to see which type of lighting suits your balcony the best and stick to them.

How To Hang Them

Of course, another concern with lights on your balcony is how you end up hanging them.

Here are a few options you can consider or those that will pique your imagination.

Make sure you envision these in your mind to know if they are the perfect fit for your balcony or not:

Use The Plants in Your Balcony

If you have plants on your balcony, one of the best ways you can utilize your lights is by wrapping them around the plants.

This will help to highlight the plants while also covering a large part of your balcony as well.

Of course, you can always use the plants as a starting point and use the lights like a vine that goes ahead to the other parts of the balcony as well.

Highlighting the plants on your balcony is a great way to increase the visual appeal of the place as well.

Get Adhesive Hooks

Having a few adhesive hooks on the balcony can be a huge relief. One of the ways you can use these hooks is for hanging lights.

If you have a lantern or string lights, these hooks will play a pivotal part in holding these lights up.

Just make sure the hooks don’t keep falling off since they can damage the lights or create unnecessary inconveniences for you as well.

Balcony Railing

If you have a railing on your balcony, it is one of the best places to put up lights.

If you are using string lights or string lanterns, you can wrap them around the railing and create a nice aesthetic for the balcony.

Alternatively, you can also stick individual lights or lanterns on the railing with the help of glue or a few more mechanics.

You can also make use of multiple strings or lights and let them hang from the railing for another lovely aesthetic.


You can even use glue to put up the lights on your balcony. There are multiple options you can use; for example, as you put up string lights, you can use a glue gun to hold them in place as well.

On the other hand, if you think the glue gun will mess with the walls or the paint, you can use other types of glue or adhesives that don’t look odd and do not harm your walls either.


Putting up lights on your balcony is one of the best ways to personalize your balcony as your own little space.

Make sure you know exactly what you want from the final outlook of your lit-up balcony before you actually put the lights up.

All in all, lighting up your balcony can be very therapeutic and help you to reclaim your space.

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