Safest Ways to Hoist Furniture Over Balcony

Furniture hoisting usually refers to the repeated rising and pulling of items with the help of pulleys and ropes.

The ways to hoist your furniture can vary, such as taking it down, moving it upwards through the window, or even the balcony.

It saves time and your precious table from being dragged and damaged while attempting to shift it through the stairs.

Hoisting of furniture is necessary for buildings where it is practically impossible to take it through the stairs, as the stairs might be too small, or the area might be too narrow to carry the furniture around.

Hoisting might be your only option to save time, resources, energy, and furniture.

In this blog, we will discuss the safest methods to hoist your furniture through the balcony.

What Necessary Items Will I Need Before Hoisting the Furniture?

If you are attempting to shift the furniture yourself, make sure you have stocked up the following things before your activity to prevent any dangerous events or damage to your belongings.

Moving Blankets

Moving blankets are an excellent source of padding your furniture. They are heavy cloth coverings that ensure the proper safety of your furniture, electronic or mechanical appliances, or other items while shifting.

Moving blankets absorb all minds of shocks and cushion your items till you require them.

Lifting and Tie Down Straps

Furniture lifting or moving straps are an excellent tool that allows maximum lifting of desired items such as furniture or appliances that would usually be difficult to raise.

All you have to do is place each strap near the object you want to lift until it is stable, locate the strap loop, and it is ready to be lifted.

Whereas the tie-down straps, commonly known as Ratchet straps, help transport items downwards.

It would be best if you made a secure attachment with the furniture you want to move and the roof rack or any firm surface that can hold weight.

Lifting and bringing down are made easy with this tool instead of using ordinary ropes.

Packing and Stretch Tape

A packing tape takes full responsibility for wrapping, sealing, or bundling different items together while storing, handling, or hoisting them.

Other packing tapes are available in the market according to your need, varying in thickness, strength, material, etc.

However, stretch or elastic tape protects the furniture or luggage from potential dents and bumps.

All you need to do is wrap it around the things you need to preserve their scratch-less, smooth, and bump-free appearance.

Furniture Slider

Furniture sliders serve the purpose of protecting your items that have legs or arms, such as tables, chairs, etc.

They are plastic pieces that can slide under the edges of your furniture/appliance legs that help prevent the edges from damaging or ruining the floor.


Another necessity is a truck or a vehicle that can serve a similar purpose. A truck is used as a medium of transportation among destinations.

So if you have purchased something and want to shift it to your house, you will need a truck or vehicle to move it around the road to your home.

What is the Easiest Method of Hoisting Furniture?

An easy way that can be opted for as a shortcut is by using a motorized hoist.

A motorized hoist consists of a controller, an electric panel, a motor, a hoisting gear, a hoisting drum, and a rotator, all of which make the perfect gadget to lift objects from one place to another Motorized Hoist

A motorized hoist or an electrical hoist is a chained hoist used to lift or lower required material such as furniture, luggage, and appliances.

The controller can accelerate and decelerate the speed of lifting the way he wants.

These are ideal for minimizing labor and back strain, requiring less effort, and efficiently working.

Why Is Everyone Not Using a Motorized Hoist?

An electrical hoist might be easy to shift and lift your furniture, as it saves time and energy and protects your belongings.

But, it can be expensive and unavailable in all areas of residence. Usually, electrical hoists are perfect for lifting industrial things and are widely popular in machine shops where frequent, efficient, and quick lifting is required.

Why Is It Important to Know How to Lift Your Furniture Adequately Through Balcony?

Having complete knowledge and grip over anything can make it a hundred times easier to perform the desired activity rather than randomly doing it for the first time with no prior knowledge, let alone experience.

It is essential as well as beneficial for everyone to know how to hoist furniture through the balcony or the window as it might come in useful while renovating your house, painting it from the inside, purchasing and installing new furniture, removing old furniture, shifting to a new home, or moving out from your residence.

Before indulging in the act, a few necessary steps can make the whole activity easy, minimize risks, and be stress-free.

With this knowledge, you will not need to hire somebody for the job, and you will be able to do it yourself.

You can also lend a hand to a friend, family, or neighbor for the same purpose and spread kindness without any conditions but one, spreading positivity and making people’s life easier.

Safe Ways to Hoist Furniture Over Balcony

To gain a safe hoisting experience, you must first be well-equipped at all costs, as it can be dangerous if mishandled.

Make sure you take the following necessary steps before stepping into this serious task.

Proper Furniture Protection

Protecting your furniture is as important as protecting yourself as it can be brutally damaged during the process, ripped, dented, torn, or even broken.

Ensure that you have fully wrapped the furniture with the required equipment and padded the things that need cushioning and protection.

For this, you can use shrink wraps, moving blankets, cartons, bubble wraps, etc. proper wrapping can prevent your furniture from getting damaged permanently, and it can save you from spending additional money on it.

Use a generous amount of tape and pads to safeguard your furniture adequately.

For example, while lifting a couch, you can remove the cushions and pillows, detach its legs if possible, and wrap them with a moving blanket.

This removal process will also make your furniture ten times lighter than before, and it will now be easy to lift.

Strap It Up!

Once you have adequately covered and concealed your furniture, it is time to secure it with straps. It is necessary to prevent the coverings from falling while they hoist.

It would help if you created loops so straps can easily attach to the furniture. Fasten it tightly and recheck for a secure attachment at all times.

Make sure that you link the straps in an upright position such that it becomes easy to place and move around the railing of your balcony.

Once your straps are perfectly attached, start passing them through the rope and tie the end of each string to your furniture to minimize the risk of falling.

Ensure that none of the knots are loose or undone before the lifting initiates.  

The Magical Hoist

You will need a motorized or a manual hoist to lift the furniture, which will do the main job. You can also lend an electrical hoist from different shops and return the equipment once the job is done.

Locate a spot that is free of obstacles, where you can place your hoist with minimum hurdles and will act as a smooth lifting area. If you have hired a specialist for the job, ensure they follow these steps correctly.

There are usually two types of hoists; ground-mounted and vehicle-mounted; a vehicle-mounted hoist is at the back of the truck, which is a lot safer kind among the two.

At the same time, a ground-mounted hoist is attached to a smooth surface on the ground with a reliable crane.

Start the Process

Once you complete the process, start the hoisting process. Ensure you know all the directions and instructions required to hoist the furniture.

Keep rechecking whether the items are appropriately attached; stop the lifting immediately to prevent accidents in case of loose attachment.

This way, you can safely hoist your belongings to your desired place with minimal risks and safety procedures!

What to Do If I Am Unable to Gather Equipment?

If you cannot gather all the necessary tools and equipment to hoist the furniture safely, you can always hire a specialist.

All you need to do is find an authentic and affordable professional hoister or team of hoisters who will do trouble-free lifting and shifting your belongings wherever and whenever you need them to.

Make sure they provide services in your area and are punctual and trustworthy in their job!

Bottom Line

Hoisting furniture is a necessity that everyone needs to be knowledgeable about, regardless of the requirements of the area they reside in.

It is a necessary skill that helps you in doing most of the work by yourself with minimal help. You are more aware of the procedure and the risk factors; this way, you can save money, time, energy, and furniture.

We hope this blog will assist you in adequately handling, lifting, hoisting, and shifting your furniture with maximum safety.

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