How to Dog Proof Your Balcony? [7 Ideas]

Having a pet dog can be a blessing. Your furry pal can always look after you and be your partner inside the home.

Now, if you live in an apartment, it is necessary that you dog-proof your balcony for your dog to use.

Dog-proof balcony isn’t too difficult and can help ensure your dog’s safety indoors.

Dogs can be unpredictable around the balcony, which is why you should take preventive measures to avoid mishaps and accidents.

In this article, we look at some tips you can follow for dog-proofing your balcony. We also look at reasons why you can hire a dog sitter to look after your pet.

The balcony railing can pose risks for pets, especially smaller breeds that might wedge their head between bars or even slip through them. For enhanced safety, consider adding wire mesh or plexiglass to the railing. Make sure there aren’t any openings where your pet could potentially squeeze through.

Why Dog Proof Your Balcony?

Keeping your balcony safe for your dog is essential, as balconies can provide the perfect setting for accidents.

Dogs are energetic and unpredictable, making them particularly vulnerable to painful or dangerous situations while outdoors.

Whether your dog has shown any unsafe behaviors yet is irrelevant; protecting them from potential dangers by properly dog-proofing your balcony will help keep your pet safe in the future.

Specific precautions should be taken to ensure that your balcony is secure and comfortable for your pup.

For example, if necessary, gates should be installed to prevent small dogs from squeezing through tight railings or jumping off the side.

Additionally, the structure of the railing needs to be carefully evaluated: if it’s possible for even part of a dog’s body to fit between sections of fence, then it must be altered in some way to prevent their heads from getting stuck and compromising their safety.

By taking care when designing or modifying your balcony space, you can enjoy hours of outdoor lounging with peace of mind concerning your pet’s safety.

Ways to Dog-Proof Your Balcony

Some of the tips you can follow for dog-proofing the balcony include:

Place Furniture Carefully

You should be careful with the way you place furniture inside your balcony. The large pieces, including tables and chairs, should be as far away from the railing as possible.

Dogs can be good at using tables and chairs as leverage to jump out of the railing.

If you have a larger breed, you will have to understand that they can jump even without needing extra leverage.

In such cases, you should work on the railings and install extra railings around the exterior surface.

The extra railings will add protection and ensure that your furry friend isn’t able to jump out.

Be Careful with Plants

You should be extremely careful with your indoor garden inside your balcony.

The indoor garden you have can contain poisonous plants, which may cause stomach irritation and poisoning at worst.

There are plenty of poisonous plants, and it will take quite a long list to name them all. However, some of the common ones include lilies, tulips, and irises.

The ASPCA has released a complete list of plants that should be avoided if you have dogs in the house.

Most herbs and flowers are right for your dog, which is why you do not have to compromise on them.

Install Bamboo Fence

Installing a bamboo privacy screen on your balcony is an ideal way to add a bit of extra privacy while also keeping your dog safe and sound.

Bamboo is a great choice for smaller balconies as it’s lightweight, aesthetically pleasing, and eco-friendly.

You can opt for taller bamboo if you want true privacy or choose something shorter if you’re more concerned about protecting the balcony railings from the family dog.

When it comes to installing a bamboo fence, there are two easy options:

  • Zip ties
  • Wire.

Zip ties are the simplest and most cost-effective way of attaching the panels together, although they don’t look as aesthetically pleasing as wire versions do.

Whichever option you choose, measuring and cutting accurately is key to maintaining its shape and integrity over time, whether it’s affixed to an existing structure or erected entirely by itself.

Not only that but take into account where large items like potted plants may be placed in relation to the fence to maximize airflow and natural light into your space.

Natural Reed Screen Curtain, Eco-Friendly 16.4ftX4ft Fencing Decorative Roll Up Window Blind Reed Fencing for Garden Indoor Balcony Window

Avoid Dangerous Décor

Your home might look incomplete during the holiday seasons without decorations, but one should also ensure that their pet’s safety is not compromised through the presence of the décor items.

Being responsible with your decorations is the day’s call as you cannot compromise in this regard. Things you should confirm are:

  • Your tree has to be secured with a solid base, ensuring it does not fall over. If you use a live tree, ensure cleanliness to avoid accidental ingestion.
  • Keep small decoration items out of harm’s way by placing them away from your pet’s reach. A kitten or a small pup might confuse the ornaments with a small toy. Thus, keep breakable ornaments away from their reach to prevent any injuries.
  • Be careful with the strings and ribbons you left on the floor once you are done wrapping your gifts. Stripes may become lodged in their intestines and cause serious impediments that might require surgery. Try going for more eco-friendly packaging that can be considered safer for your pets and the environment.

Light Safety

Candles play an important role in setting the aesthetic appeal of a place during the holiday season, but they also pose a serious threat of injuries to your beloved pets in case of an incident.

Always ensure that you leave your candles on sturdy surfaces, away from the reach of your pets.

Moreover, you need to ensure that all of your candles are attended to and that none of them are left burning while you are out.

You might have seen your cat playfully chew through your phone cord, but the whole scenario can take a nasty turn regarding strings of lights.

Much care is needed to ensure that everything is safe, and nothing is left unattended when it comes to candles and other electrical lighting equipment.

Have Your Furnace Inspected

Since your pets will be spending most of their time indoors, it is recommended that you ensure their safety within your home.

The furnace can often be subject to carbon monoxide leaks that are detrimental to both humans and animals alike.

The furnace is mostly placed on the balcony and should be inspected for leaks.

As carbon monoxide leaks are invisible and odorless, it is hard to spot them without professional help.

Get a professional over to have a look at your furnace and see if any adjustments are needed.

Moreover, if you use a fireplace to keep yourself warm during winter, always have a close eye on your pets.

Since they are mostly indoors, pets can often come in contact with flames and other hot surfaces in their haste.

If you ignore their movements and have your own merry time reading a newspaper in front of the fireplace, you are at risk of neglecting the safety of your pet in this weather.

Keep Toxic Food Out of Their Reach

We can all raise our hands for being guilty of giving our furry friends tidbits of everything we are munching on. But beware because some foods really can cause a lot of harm to them.

The issues that can arise from eating toxic items can range from digestive problems to pancreatitis problems that may deteriorate and be fatal if care is not given.

Chocolate is probably the most renowned contaminated food around, so we will skip that and move on to others that most pet owners don’t know.

  • Onions and Garlic
  • Fatty, spicy, and salty foods
  • Treats with excessive sugar
  • Caffeinated beverages and Alcohol
  • Raisins, grapes, and nuts

It is best that you pick up a special treat especially for them from the store nearby, rather than giving them your leftovers.

If you have suspicions that your pet is behaving weirdly and might have ingested something toxic, then you should try contacting the nearest emergency veterinary clinic for quick help.

Benefits of a Dog sitter

At the end of the day, no amount of dog-proofing can help ensure the safety of your dog like a dog-sitter can.

To fulfill this need, you can get in touch with a pet sitter and give your pet what he/she desires. Here are some ways your pet sitter can benefit you.

Keeping your Pet from Being Bored

Don’t we all just hate being bored? Well, pets are no exception. They despise the idea of boredom and often don’t like being kept all alone for elongated periods of time.

While you spend your day doing what you do, your dog is alone at home, switching from snoozing on the bed to snoozing on the couch.

This much snoozing and doing nothing makes them feel bored and can be really unhealthy as well.

Your dog craves attention as well, and if they don’t have you around, they will never get that attention.

Once you do arrive back home, they would leap on you and surround you with kisses and hugs.

Unfortunately, you wouldn’t have the energy to reciprocate their love and attention.

Thus, your dog ends up getting no attention during the day.

A pet sitter can, thus, come as a handy addition as it would ensure that your pet keeps busy throughout the day and isn’t bored.

They would help create a mix of outdoor and indoor activities to keep your dog healthy and happy.

This would ensure that your dog’s sleeping pattern is normal again.

Love and Personal Attention

As we mentioned above, your furry friend requires a lot of love and undivided attention to them.

Now, we do understand that you might not be able to ensure this at all times.

But you can have the best for them by hiring a pet sitter. The pet sitter would take care of the pet and give them the attention they need.

Midday Bathroom Break

Just because dogs tend to have an iron bladder does not in any way mean that you should let them hold it in for so long.

In fact, the sensible thing to do is have a person for pet sitting in Colleyville so that your dog gets the midday bathroom breaks in between.

The bathroom breaks would also serve as an excuse for a random walk, and your dog will love these sessions.

Moreover, you can also rest assured of having a professional with your dog and with limited chances of a mishap.

Prevents Accidents 

Because of their investigative nature, dogs can barely keep themselves away from investigating everything in their way.

Thus, there is always the chance of them suffering from an accident, swallowing toxins, or choking on something.

Keeping in mind the frequency of such accidents, having a pet sitter in Watauga can let you have peace of mind and your dog remain safe.

The pet sitter would have a stringent eye on them and would avert all such mishaps in the first position.

We hope you can use the information in this article to keep your dog safe indoors. Also, the benefits of a dog sitter will help pull you in favor of hiring one.


Ensuring your furry friend’s safety should always be a top priority, especially in areas like balconies that can pose potential risks.

By taking the time to dog-proof your balcony, you not only guarantee their well-being but also provide yourself with peace of mind.

With simple measures like installing wire mesh or plexiglass and ensuring no gaps, you can create a safe haven where your dog can enjoy the outdoors without any hazards.

Remember, a little effort goes a long way in ensuring your pet’s safety and happiness.

Happy pet-proofing!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it okay to leave a dog on the balcony?

It’s not recommended to leave a dog on the balcony for extended periods. Factors like weather conditions, potential hazards on the balcony, the dog’s safety, and its anxiety levels should be considered. If you must, ensure it’s for a short duration, with safety precautions in place.

Can a puppy sleep on the balcony at night?

No, it’s not safe for a puppy to sleep on the balcony at night. Puppies are more vulnerable to cold temperatures, and potential hazards, and could become anxious or scared being alone outside.

Can I leave my dog outside all night?

It’s not advisable. Even with a shelter, dogs can be exposed to elements, and potential threats, or feel isolated. Always ensure your pet’s safety, comfort, and well-being are prioritized.

Is it illegal to leave your dog on the balcony?

Laws vary by location. In some places, it’s illegal if it leads to animal cruelty or endangers the pet. Always check local regulations and prioritize your dog’s safety.

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