How To Extend Balcony in Apartment?

Most people who live in small houses or flats wish they had more room.

Alterations to an apartment’s structure may be permitted in certain cases, however, this is not always the case.

The question then becomes how to make the most of limited square footage. Balcony space may be reclaimed as a possible option.

This outside space may be used as an extension of the house by using some ingenious methods and concepts. Interested? Proceed with reading.

Some Things You Should Look at Before You Start

If you want to add square footage to your balcony, you’ll need to get the necessary permits from the relevant authorities.

Another consideration is whether or not an addition will provide the desired space and whether or not it will blend in with the existing interior.

Rules and Regulations

  • It is important to remember those balcony additions that include construction need permission from the appropriate municipal authorities. You must adhere to the many regulations now in place.
  • The new balcony area must be designed in a way that is consistent with the rest of the structure and pays homage to any historical details. It’s important to have as little of an effect on the neighborhood as possible.
  • With a skilled balcony expansion designer, the task of getting the required permissions and the construction itself may be relatively straightforward.
  • If you only want to paint your balcony or put up some planters, you may not need a permit. However, before beginning construction, you should inquire with the appropriate authorities in your area. Get the appropriate permissions and assistance from experts.

Think About Why You Want It

  • There has to be a compelling case before a landlord would grant permission to enlarge a tenant’s balcony. With a well-defined goal in mind, you can steer clear of distractions.
  • Perhaps you don’t need to enlarge the balcony to accomplish what you want. Is there a location you could go to unwind with a bottle of wine after work? Do you prefer a quiet place to work from home or a formal dining room? Are you seeking a location in which you can go out together with friends or relatives and just relax?
  • Is there another room you might utilize to do this?

Which Look Do You Hope to Achieve?

There may be restrictions on extending your balcony based on the building’s style since current rules mandate that such changes must be consistent with the building’s original design.

What kind of aesthetic do you plan to use?

Do you want your design to have a colonial feel, a minimalist vibe, or a contemporary edge?

Does the remainder of the structure go along with the style you’ve chosen?

Styles range from art deco and artisan to midcentury modern and French provincial.

The feasibility of your proposed balcony addition may also depend on the specifics of your intended design.

Balcony load constraints and other structural issues may make certain proposals impractical.

Residents in densely packed apartment complexes may want to maximize the little balcony space they have.

On the plus side, you probably have some room to maneuver in terms of making structural adjustments.

The key to successfully elongating a balcony is to allow your imagination to run wild.

Take a tape measure out to your patio and figure out which areas may need some more space or the appearance of more space.

Before you go out and buy anything for your new, larger balcony, make a list of everything you believe you’ll need and draw it out on paper.

To What Extent Will the Flooring Complement Your Interior Design?

For the balcony addition to looking like it was always meant to be a part of the original space, the same flooring should be used both inside and out.

Adding on to our home might be a bad idea if we don’t have the proper flooring.

The floor might be tiled with a pattern or in contrasting colors, or it can have a rough cement surface.

However, it has to work with the inside environment, or else it would stand out as an oddity.

Use the same color scheme inside as you used on the flooring when you painted the new balcony area.

Can You Find What You Need?

You may either successfully extend your balcony with the resources you have on hand or fail miserably.

The product should be properly matched to your home design and give the required structural support.

You may construct a balcony out of a variety of materials, such as:

  • Concrete- which is sturdy.
  • Wood- simple to weatherproof
  • Vinyl- is low-maintenance and inexpensive, and installation is a breeze.

Here Are Some Ways You Can Reclaim Space for Your Balcony

Once you’ve got the regulations out of the way, here’s how you can reclaim more space for your balcony.

Set up window coverings for the outside of the house

If one’s constructing society rules permit, one solution is to cover the whole terrace with outdoor blinds; Plastic blinds, wooden or fake wooden Shades, louvered curtains or transparent rain blinds made of heavy sheets of plastic may be utilized.

These blinds, in general, are durable and reliable in a wide range of climates. 

Many various styles and coatings are available.

The balcony here is enclosed with wood blinds.

They do this by making the area look like an addition to the bedroom, which in turn makes the whole house seem more spacious.

Tip: You may also pick woven colors. shades are often made from cut-to-size pieces of fabric rather than individual slats like traditional wooden blinds.

The likes of grasses, reeds, jute, and bamboo may all be used to create them.

…and Vents

It is also possible to use a partial or complete grille in place of a blind.

The balcony is enclosed by the grille, which also adds an interesting architectural element and provides a surface for hanging decorative items like plants and lighting.

Contemplate motorized blinds

Motorized blinds are fixed to a frame so that there is no space between the blind’s fabric and its channel, preventing it from flapping in the wind.

This means strong doesn’t leave and dirt, rain, and insects can’t get in. Steel, aluminum, or Vinyl mesh fabric are just some of the durable materials used to make these shades.

The blinds may be opened and closed at will thanks to a convenient button.

The motorized blinds assist cover the balcony fully and enable the outside area to seem like a component of the internal space.

Go for swinging or folding doors

The correct doors may be used to create a seamless transition from the terrace to the interiors. Pocket doors are sliding doors that are designed to disappear when pushed back against the wall.

It is hidden away discreetly when not being used and provides unlimited access to the outside. Sliding doors, like these, are simple yet effective.

Like accordion doors, they are mounted to a ceiling track and fold back entirely when opened.

Equipped with indoor/outdoor flooring

It would be nice to have the same flooring inside and out, so you might want to think about extending it out onto the balcony.

This will provide the impression that the outside is an extension of the inside.

Fifth, enlarge the seating area

Make the balcony seats seem to be an expansion of the living room by carefully planning the area’s arrangement.

The sitting room and balcony may be used as one ample communal space by opening the doors between the two.

Set up a canopy.

When it isn’t a permanent cover, you’re searching for (including louvers or screens), you may even consider movable awnings.

These will serve as the balcony’s roofing, making the space seem like an inside extension. It can be folded up and stored out of the way when not in use.

Possible Substitutes for Added Balconies

You should think about whether or not there are any other options that would work for what you want the balcony for.

The requirement for an addition to your balcony could be unnecessary if a few changes to the one you already have can meet your needs.

Alternatively, consider these suggestions.

Try Some Seating Ingenuity

Make your balcony seem like an extra room by designing it to flow easily off of your main living space.

You may make it seem like one huge room by decorating each with the same colors and furnishings.

Build in bench seating on your balcony to make the most of the available space.

Furniture that may be folded up or tucked away out of sight is a good option if you’re strapped for storage.

This makes available previously unused square footage.

Avoid crowding the balcony with bulky furniture or other objects that will make it seem smaller than it is.

Burn Brightly

Even while daylight illuminates balconies, it’s a good idea to add some artificial lighting for when the sun goes down. Any combination of floor lamps, wall scones, table lamps, and ceiling fixtures would work.

The use of outdoor lamps or string lights, as well as a daring metallic pendant light, are all fantastic alternatives. That will light up your balcony at night and give you a greater sense of space.

Closing Off the Balcony

If you need more space for storage and are considering expanding your balcony to do so, you could be better off just enclosing the balcony.

The enclosed vertical area may be used for storage.

Without building out, you may make great use of the space you have on your balcony.

Have fun while you rearrange or enlarge your balcony; that’s what matters most. This has the potential to be a rewarding group effort.

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