Is Balcony The Best Place To Worship?

Having a balcony in your home is truly a blessing. It’s a little personal slice of the outside world that you can decorate and furnish exactly as you wish.

In fact, most balconies are really peaceful as well and therefore make for excellent places of worship.

We’re sure you have thought of worshiping on your balcony at some point. This is especially true for high-rise balconies where you can see the sky and the horizon and just feel one with God and nature.

But is the balcony of your home the best place to worship? Let’s look at some of the reasons why the balcony is one of the best places in your home to worship:

Why Should You Worship At The Balcony?

One of the main reasons why many people prefer to worship on the balcony is because they can feel closer to nature.

Many people decorate their balconies with plants to introduce a bit of nature into their homes.

You can also see the sky and birds flying around your house and feel the fresh air blowing in all directions.

There have been ample experiences narrated by people where they suggest that worshiping while being surrounded by nature is truly a beautiful experience.

It also helps you feel closer to God since you are surrounded by many natural elements instead of just the artificial, cold walls of the rest of the house.

Another reason why worshiping on the balcony is a good idea is that it is usually very high off the ground.

This is especially true for high-rise balconies in bigger buildings. Worshiping on the higher ground gives you the physical feeling of being closer to the sky.

It is usually a lot windier in higher places as well, and you can truly experience the best levels of serenity when you are worshiping closer to the sky.

Balconies are also a great place to worship because you can feel a certain level of solitude there as well.

So if you are living with your family in your house, worshiping in one of the common rooms will always keep you subjected to someone walking in on you while you are in the deepest states of meditation and experiencing the highest levels of closeness to God.

On the balcony, it could just be you and God. You can spend as long as you want without having anyone walk in on you and feeling the need to let go of your prayer because other, more worldly matters are calling out to you.

There is also a higher chance of experiencing the natural elements when you are worshiping in the open air instead of the confines of the rest of your house.

For example, if there is a light drizzle out, you can experience it on your balcony. The same goes for letting the sunlight hit your face and feeling the wind in your hair.

These natural elements can help you feel closer to God since you know they all come from him.

Being in the presence of natural elements will help to deepen your prayer, and you can expect your worship to be a lot more impactful as well.

How Can You Make Your Balcony More Serene For Worship?

If you have just been thinking about worshiping out of your balcony, you should also remember that you can make the balcony a much more serene place of worship as well.

You can make the area more inviting so that when you walk out onto the balcony you can just begin your journey with a certain level of peace in your mind.

First of all, think about adding inviting accents to the balcony. You can put out a rug, maybe a nice little couch or a chair.

Even a nice, warm light will create a lovely environment where you will be tempted to just meditate or worship.

The light will also help with visibility at night, and you can spend as long as you want, outside the confines of your home, praying to God.

You should also add a few natural elements to the balcony to make it more peaceful. This includes plants that you can care for easily.

Flowering plants will make the place even more beautiful since the flowers will add a nice pop of color which will liven the whole place up immensely.

You can even add accents to the balcony that help you feel closer to God. This could include any insignias or symbols that mean a lot to you.

Even beautiful, framed pictures and depictions of your favorite verses will help to make the balcony a much more inviting place where you would love to sit and worship.

Remember that one of the best ways to feel close to God is by being comfortable.

If you have to distort yourself in uncomfortable positions to pray, you will have a hard time focusing on your worship.

So make sure any furnishings you add to the balcony, including chairs, couches, rugs, and cushions, are all comfortable and inviting enough for you to want to sit for a long time and feel close to God.

In fact, furnishing your balcony and making it the optimal place for worship is also a great way to begin worship as well.

If you have a dedicated little area where you just want to feel one with God and his creations, you will likely not find better places than balconies and other little slices of the outside world.

Advantages Of Worshiping On A Balcony

Many of us just want to worship out on a balcony because we can.

But have you ever wondered if there are truly any advantages of being able to worship on the balcony?

How is it possibly better than worshiping in the confines of the rest of your house?

Well, the first thing that comes to mind is personalization. Prayer time is very personal to everyone. You can let out your deepest desires and wants when you are praying in isolation.

You can tell your housemates that your prayer time is very personal, and you would prefer it if they would not intrude on it.

This way, everyone will know to not disturb you when you are praying to God, and you can spend all of that time just being spiritual.

Other than that, worshiping on a balcony can also deepen your prayers.

You will be surrounded by the serenity of nature, and you can meditate more deeply when you feel like you are closer to God physically.

If you personalize your balcony just for prayer, you will also be inviting God into your home. You will be able to pray while letting your spirituality take over.

Every time you enter your balcony, you will be able to train your mind and body to automatically enter the deeper states of meditation to make your prayer more effective.

Lastly, even if you are not actively worshipping, but you associate your balcony with prayer and worship, every time you enter the space, your mind will automatically think about God and spirituality.

It will truly help you find your spirit, and you can worship passively while you’re out there as well.

Disadvantages Of Worshiping On A Balcony

Of course, whether the balcony is or is not the best place to worship is an entirely subjective debate.

For some people praying out on the balcony can be a less delightful experience as well.

One of the reasons for this is the fact that the balcony is surrounded by unpredictable natural elements.

You can have a nasty encounter with birds and their excretion when you are praying, and it will absolutely be an unwelcome distraction.

Other than that, worshiping on the balcony can be disruptive due to unpredictable weather conditions, such as rain or snow.

It could make you want to stop worshiping suddenly instead of connecting with God.

On the flip side, praying indoors where the ventilation is controlled and there is no unpredictable natural element can be much more calming for a lot of people as well.

Lastly, if you have housemates, it is possible that the balcony is not just limited to your use. Your friends or family might interrupt you when you are praying to use the balcony.

They might even want you to rush your prayer because they want to have personal time on the balcony as well.

This is not a problem in your room since no one can kick you out of there!


Whether the balcony is or is not the best place to worship is an entirely subjective debate.

For some people, it can be a truly wholesome and enlightening experience, and some people will want to be confined to their rooms to worship.

In either case, there are many advantages to staying out on the balcony and worshiping, and it could truly be one of the best places to worship for a lot of people.

This is especially true for people who feel closer to God when they are out in nature.

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