What Does Juliet Balcony Mean?

A Juliet Balcony is a small outdoor space that you can usually find in small apartments.

When we think of balconies, most of us think of large, lavish outdoor spaces where we can put furniture, an awning or shade, and even some plants.

Unfortunately, these giant balconies are lately only limited to people with large households. People with small apartments do not have that luxury.

But that does not mean that people living in small apartments cannot make the most of whatever outdoor space they have. Enter the Juliet Balcony.

It is small and cute and could be all the outdoor space you need in one small apartment. 

Why Is a Juliet Balcony Named So?

I mean, the name is pretty self-explanatory if you think about it. Remember that balcony scene from the infamous Shakespeare play Romeo and Juliet?

The one where Juliet stands on her balcony and calls out to her love (Romeo)? That ‘balcony’ is basically a small porch that is accessible from her bedroom.

These small balconies you find in apartments these days are reminiscent of that balcony. Hence the name.

Of course, the small balconies do not have any such romantic connotation these days, but we would love it so much if they did.

And anyway, now that you know the context behind the balconies, you will be able to picture yourself instead of Juliet on one of these balconies as well.

Maybe calling out to your lover, or maybe longingly waiting for your delivery of Chinese food.

What Is a Juliet Balcony?

A Juliet balcony is like your own personal little portal into the outside world. Okay, that sounds a little vague.

A Juliet balcony is actually a small platform with a railing that can extend out of your living room or your bedroom.

In some cases, a Juliet balcony is a long and narrow platform that wraps around the length of the apartment.

In any case, a Juliet balcony is too small to fit any furniture and add any meaningful décor to the place.

You might be able to put up a chair or two in some of them. However, you can make room for some plants on a Juliet balcony.

In some apartments, a Juliet balcony is plain and minimalistic. However, in other apartments, a Juliet balcony can be decorative.

You can find beautiful railings with plants creeping around them, gorgeous, intricate designs, and a true sense of romance.

In other cases, Juliet’s balconies are surrounded by gardens, trees, and plants, which give them much more of an enchanting look.

Why Should You Pick a Juliet Balcony?

Of course, when we imagine balconies, we think of lavish expanses of space that we can decorate, drape, and furnish.

They’re cozy and can be little corners of peace and tranquility. A Juliet balcony can maybe give you a fraction of that satisfaction.

Sure, you can look into the outside world, but there is little to nothing you can do with a space that is that small.

Well, even so, Juliet balconies are perfect for some people. Even if there is no space to furnish the balcony, you can add a few plants or flower beds to the space.

The flower beds can add a touch of enchantment to the balcony as well. The plants will really help to amp up the aesthetics of the balcony as well.

Other than that, it is the perfect addition to small apartments. While giant balconies are perfect for large houses and giant apartments, you don’t really want to compromise on the outdoor space just because you have a small apartment.

And most of us living in giant metropolitan cities can only really afford small apartments. Hence, the Juliet balcony.

Other than that, the balcony helps to add some much-needed natural light to the space as well.

This natural light helps to make even the smallest rooms seem spacious and large.

Early in the day, the light can help to illuminate the entire apartment, and you do not need to use your lights until it gets dark.

The natural light also often brings some much-needed warmth to the house. There are very few hours of sunlight anyway in these months.

Unfortunately, we have to spend most of these hours at work, where we are surrounded by artificial, fluorescent lights and filtered air.

The warmth from the sun is not only comforting for the house, but it also helps to keep the apartment fresh and free of odors.

Since balconies are more open than windows, they provide a stellar view of the outside too. So you can wake up to gorgeous views of your town or city.

You can even view spectacular sunrises and sunsets or just have a quaint little spot where you can enjoy a cup of coffee with your friend.

The Juliet balcony is the perfect place to connect with the outdoors. Not everyone has the luxury of owning a big balcony that they can furnish.

So if you want a quick little escape to the outside, then the Juliet balcony is the perfect place to be in.

Advantages of a Juliet Balcony

Just because a Juliet balcony is small does not mean it cannot have its own advantages.

There are many reasons why people would prefer a Juliet balcony over a traditional one.

First of all, a Juliet balcony is very low maintenance. If it rains, you just have to do a quick wipe-down of the place.

If you are afraid of birds pooping all over, you can install a small awning to prevent the birds from messing up the whole place.

The awning will also provide ample shade to the Juliet balcony so that you do not have to worry about the scorching hot sun greeting you every time you open the doors.

The main issue with maintenance will have to do with the railings or with the glass doors.

The glass doors are a super low-maintenance solution since a quick wipe with some cleaning fluid will make your glass sparkle like it was new.

They will need to be cleaned fairly often, but it is much easier to clean them than it is to clean a large balcony.

It can also be the perfect place to catch a little smoke break. If you cannot smoke indoors, it is always better to have a little Juliet balcony to sneak out to than have nothing at all.

What Can We Do With a Juliet Balcony?

Most people want balconies because they enjoy the idea of furnishing that space. People want to put out some lawn furniture or maybe create a little garden.

But assuming you do not have that, what exactly can you do with a Juliet balcony?

Well, most of these balconies are large enough to hold a chair or two.

If you think the chairs obstruct the platform, you can put folding chairs out.

You can fold out the chairs and sit on them whenever you want to be outside and fold them right back when going in.

Other than that, you can do some amount of gardening on the balcony too. Sure, you cannot have an elaborate vegetable garden.

However, you can grow a herb garden or even a small flower garden. You can put up a few creepers and low-maintenance plants out too.

It will help to create your own personal little natural space.

As far as décor goes, you can install a whole bunch of lights on the balcony too.

You can add fairy lights, string lights, and any other kinds of lights that you want.

These lights will add a personal touch and a bit of warmth to the area, and your balcony will be your own little recluse.

The Juliet balcony is also the perfect space to have a long, deep conversation with your closest friends.

Brew yourselves a cup of hot cocoa and stand out on the balcony while staring at the moon.

It will be the perfect little escape from reality, and both of you will enjoy it immensely.

Other than that, you can also use the balcony as a personal recluse too.

If you are tired of being indoors all the time and want to be out for a while, the balcony is the perfect space.

You can simply sit on the floor and curl up with a book and a cup of tea. You can also enjoy some music on the balcony on your own, away from your responsibilities too.


A Juliet balcony is basically just a small platform. It replaces the giant balconies that many of us are accustomed to and is a perfect addition to small apartments.

Even though they are not quite as romantic as they were in Shakespeare’s times, Juliet’s balconies could be any quaint little spot where you can find some solace.

It is also low-maintenance, and you do not have to o elaborate clean-up sessions to make the space look good.

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