How to Keep Balcony Dry From Rain?

Your balcony is one of the few places where you can take time out on your own to relax. It could be where you take a cup of tea or coffee and watch the world pass by.

Many people like to use their balconies to observe the world. This could mean learning to observe as it starts to snow or Rain.

However, no one wants to deal with the balcony’s precipitation after it happens. People take all sorts of measures to ensure that their balconies are completely dry from the Rain.

If you’re looking for ways to keep your balcony dry from the Rain, look no further as we have the perfect tips in place for you. Read on as we tell you more.

Keeping Your Balcony Dry

There are several ways that you can ensure that your balcony remains dry during Rain. We have mentioned some of the ways below:

Introduce Blinds For The Outdoors

Outdoor blinds are in the form of colorless or transparent PVC.

You can also have different colored PVCs or a different kind of material for your blinds, which could sometimes be called rain curtains.

The screens have many benefits you may not be sure of. We have listed some of these below:

  1. You won’t have to worry about any bugs and insects. If you have the right kind of blinds, they not only protect you from any water entering the balcony. You also won’t have to consistently remove the dead bodies of insects and critters from the balcony.
  2. You can pull them up and have them completely open when it’s not raining. This factor means you won’t have to worry about completely closing yourself out to the natural elements when you don’t want to. You can enjoy the fresh air without having to worry about anything at all.
  3. The material used for these blinds is entirely waterproof. PVC is a material that will ensure that your balcony is completely dry. If you use clear PVC, you will likely be able to look at the Rain or the snow as it occurs, making the whole practice a lot more fun and enjoyable.

Opt for a Roof Covering

Balconies are generally not covered. Some buildings tend to help with roof coverings, but many still don’t feel the need to invest in any roof covering.

You can also install a cover that leans on the roof and then have that as a way for you to prevent rainwater from getting onto your balcony.

Many people do this by using tiles and an MS frame. But there are also other ways for you to protect your balcony from getting any water or Rain on it.

Install Glass Shutters

You can also install glass shutters or glass curtains so that you can see the world outside. What’s the point of having a balcony if you can’t witness the wonderful sights outside your window?

This is where glass shutters come in because they serve many purposes. You can keep these glass shutters open when it’s nice outside and then shut them so that the Rain doesn’t enter your balcony.

At the same time, you still get to enjoy all that is going outside and witness it in the best way possible. There are a few things you need to be aware of:

  1. With glass shutters, you can’t have a completely open balcony space. Instead, you would have to have a single panel completely closed down before you can enjoy the whole look of the balcony.
  2. It would be best if you also tried to ensure that you have waterproof frames for the glass instead of wood.

Have Rain Curtains on the Go

One of the best and most accessible ways for you to not have water on your balcony is to have a rain curtain on the balcony.

You may find these rain curtains are slightly more expensive than the regular ones you would have in your shower.

If you can’t afford these rain curtains, you could get some shower curtains, but that might not be as effective.

You could opt for stringing together these curtains and creating a barrier that helps you block out the Rain.

There’s a considerable difference between rain curtains and shower curtains.

Manufacturers design rain curtains specifically to prevent Rain from entering, which is why they are mildew resistant and can remain closed on their own as they are heavy enough to do so.

However, the fact is that shower curtains are pretty light and may flap about and let water in under conditions with heavy wind.

Get Yourself a Flexible Awning

There are also fabric awnings that allow the cover to open using a motorized attachment.

This motorized attachment means that you can catch the sun when you want, and you can prevent the Rain when you want to too.

You can install these awnings in whatever way you want to fit over your top cover.

The benefit of these awnings is that they are coated with a plastic finish, so they won’t get damaged and can fend off any water necessary from your balcony.

You also need to take care of things, such as the awning being lost to a gust of wind.

If you are in an area that experiences very high winds, then you may find that you would have to hang in there for greater reinforcement.

Awnings also come in various designs, which is one of the reasons that you may want to opt for them.

Advantages of Covering Your Balcony

You know that covering your balcony is the way forward if you want to protect your balcony from getting wet. There are many advantages to covering your balcony, and we have listed them below:

It Makes Your Balcony More Spacious.

Many people find that you can have more space on your balcony if you feel it’s covered from all sides.

If you’re planning on installing glass shutters, then you’re essentially making a glass cage that will let you have all the space in the world.

It Can Give You Better Storage Space.

You need your balcony to be dry to store different materials and objects. Having a covered balcony means you have another room where you can store all your stuff.


You can feel much safer if you have an entire covering on your balcony. By now, all of us have seen the TikTok of a random person entering a woman’s home through the balcony while she was still home.

Balconies, especially the ones that are on the lower floors of an apartment complex, can be easy ways for intruders to get in.

This fact means that covering your balcony can help provide a great way to remain safe.

You Can Keep Birds Away

Birds are a part of the natural world, and there’s no doubt that they’re beautiful.

However, there’s also the fact that birds can be quite annoying if they frequent your balcony.

Birds tend to poop everywhere, so you must ensure they stay away from your balcony; otherwise, you’ll constantly have to clean it up.

Having a covered balcony means the birds won’t enter your space and mess it up.

You Can Prevent Noise

Having a covered structure of any kind means you won’t have to worry about the constant noise from the street.

You can have a relaxing space on your balcony where you can read, and it can be the best time for you alone.

Having a covered balcony also means you won’t have to worry about the elements around you, which means you can enjoy your time on the balcony even as it rains or with any loud disturbances outside your window.

Disadvantages of a Covered Balcony

You Don’t Get Fresh Air

A covered balcony can easily mean that you don’t have the space to have a free inflow of air.

There would be a lack of ventilation which means that you would be defeating one of the major reasons that you’re opting for a balcony, 

You Don’t Get to Enjoy the Rain

One of the major reasons people opt for balconies is to enjoy the elements like snow, Rain, sun, etc. But with a covered balcony, all of these elements become something that you can maybe observe.

Thus, you don’t get to enjoy the Rain even if the covered space keeps the balcony dry.

Your View Maybe Obstructed

A view is what makes the balcony as beautiful as it is. Covering the balcony could mean that you can no longer look at the view you likely got the apartment for.

This might not be a disadvantage if the view is not that great. However, if the view was pleasurable, there may be some issues.

Final Thoughts

We now know how to keep a balcony dry from the Rain. It involves ensuring that you cover the balcony in some shape or form.

We have also discussed some of the advantages and disadvantages of a covered balcony so that you know what a better decision for you in terms of would be wanting to keep your balcony dry.

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