How Do You Make a Balcony Corner Useful?

Modern architecture is about making the most of a space using a minimal room and doing so while maintaining class.

We have seen the trends of RV rise over the years because minimalism is taking over the minds of the young generation who want to live life to the fullest without owning too much and carrying around a lot of items.

So, does that mean you’d have to buy a smaller apartment or get an RV to join the trend?

Absolutely not! You only need to learn how to make do with the things already at your disposal instead of cluttering up your house or life more.

When it comes to apartments, the balconies are perhaps the most overlooked interior design component that can work wonders to save up space within the house.

In this article, we’ll discuss how you can make a small balcony valuable for several purposes around the home.

Exciting Ways to Make a Balcony Corner Useful

People sometimes look into an apartment’s interior design to see where they could fit their gigantic furniture or store the extra clutter they can’t seem to remove.

When people move further to inspect the balcony, they only focus on the outside view.

However, if you direct your gaze to the balcony’s interior, you can start finding this space similar to the rest of the house.

Whatever you then decide to do doesn’t have to be ugly looking or deliberately a mess to give the balcony a look of just another room in the house.

Instead, with the right furniture and extra effort to effectively organize, your balcony can do its job yet look cozy enough to hang out.

Here are some ideas on how to exploit the extra space of the balcony for different purposes. 

Extra Seating

If you’re living in a small apartment but love to host parties, chances are you will struggle with seating.

But, the space issues shouldn’t be a reason to turn down an opportunity to host the best football night party or thanksgiving dinner.

That’s where the balcony’s extra space comes in handy.

You can set up extra seating or an extended version of your dining room outdoors.

If you have a great view from your balcony, it could just be the perfect bonus for the guests who can’t seem to find the ideal seat inside the apartment.

The seatings don’t have to be stiff non-recyclable plastic stools either. Invest in a good piece of furniture such as a cushion chair or sofa to make your guests feel at home.

If you want to be smart about using the space effectively, you can also look for foldable chairs and tables.

This way, the furniture won’t eat up the entire area, and you can fold the furniture and tuck it away in the corner as soon as your guests leave.

Extra Storage

Another great use of the extra space you get in the form of a balcony is to turn it into storage. We know many of us to use the balconies for storage purposes already.

However, throwing away your clothes or carelessly spreading books isn’t the most organized way to transform the balcony into a functional space.

It’s pretty unpleasant to look at, especially if you have sudden guests appearing and witnessing it.

Add some innovative storage units to make your balcony look like it was designed for storage.

You can always add a vertical shelf and adorn it with succulents or showpieces.

Or the current trend of having hidden compartments in the seats is also an idea you can nail.

The trend of wooden benches with hidden storage can aid you with extra space to store party beverages.

You can buy the benches at a boutique or a thrift shop, or you can always have a DIY project to make the piece custom by adding personal touches to your furniture.

Vertical Garden

Try installing a vertical garden for all the garden lovers who can’t seem to get enough plants but don’t have ample space to line the pots on the floor.

A vertical garden is perfect for homes that don’t have enough area per square foot, but the height can work wonders in growing plants.

Vertical gardens can also save the effort that goes into plant maintenance, especially the regular watering or examining of the plants for pests, as the plants are at eye level and don’t require you to stay on the floor.

Vertical gardens are easy to install.

You can get it done professionally or get a vertical frame and get started.

The only thing you may struggle with is setting up a sustainable irrigation system, but you can always hire additional help for that.

This way, you will have a cost-effective garden that doesn’t take up an ungodly amount of space on the floor.

Reading/Study Corner

One of the best ways to use your balcony is by converting it into a reading nook or a study area.

Reading has become an essential part of the morning routine of thousands of people following the current “that girl” trend.

While the practice of reading, bullet journaling, and meditation could be done indoors, having a sacred dedicated space for these calming morning activities can put you in a good mood for the day ahead.

Add potted plants or vines to make the balcony space inspiring and install comfortable yet creative-looking furniture and seating.

This way, all the design elements would work in perfect harmony to make your creative juices flow while giving you the strength to make it through the day ahead.

You can always go a step further and use scented candles or incense burners to add calming olfactory elements to the scene.

You can follow the same easy steps for transforming the balcony space into a study corner.

The only difference would be that instead of installing super comfortable furniture and seats, a set of tables and chairs would be better suited.

The furniture doesn’t have to be uncomfortable but studying in a cozy environment can make you feel sleepy, the space failing to serve its purpose.

You can also use foldable furniture to save space if you don’t want to convert the balcony space into a study corner permanently.

Outdoor Theater

This idea is far more unconventional than the other ideas discussed in this article. But it’s also perhaps the most fun.

During the pandemic, the entire world was forced to stay home. Things are now returning to normalcy, allowing people to go outdoors.

However, many have found their sweet spot by staying indoors and making the most of the available resources.

Does that mean such people can never enjoy the feeling of a theater again? Not at all!

Installing a white curtain and a mini projector you can convert that extra balcony space into a perfect outdoor theater.

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Layout some rugs and cushions to create a welcoming floor seating, invite some friends over, grab some popcorn and beers, and live the moment, laughing your hearts out in each other’s company.

Saturday Night Card/Board Game Corner

Not everyone’s idea of a Saturday night includes a rom-com and a date. Some simply enjoy playing card or board games with friends over a couple of beers.

If that sounds like you, there’s good news for you. You can use the extra balcony space and turn it into a Saturday night card/board game corner.

Again, foldable furniture items are your best friend to save space and make the different transformations easy and affordable.

If you aren’t going with the foldable, you can always use the extra storage seats for sitting down with your friends. You can grab a beer quickly from under your seat and pass it around.

You can also have a small corner dedicated to storing your cards or board games so that nothing is lost for next Saturday.

Apart from that, you can prepare some snacks right then and there or grill some sandwiches by installing a mini kitchen or grilling equipment in the balcony space.

However, you might need permission from your landlord or the building’s maintenance officials.

Final Thoughts

Balconies are one of the most crucial yet underrated spaces around the house.

The versatile space can work as a place to relax with your loved ones but can also serve as a perfect corner to spend some time with yourself.

Whether it’s a little self-care routine you want to follow in the summer breeze or enjoying hot cocoa with a good book seated on the most comfortable chair, the balcony can provide you with ample space to carry out all such activities.

You can also use the string lights to work as that extra element that ties everything together ideally like one big present.

Your balcony shouldn’t be a cluttered space as it’s a place from where the energy enters and exits your house.

Too much unorganized clutter can reduce your anxiety instead of calming you down.

Being clever with the extra space, you can make things work in your favor by having additional and helpful areas.

So if you are thinking of giving your balcony corner a fabulous makeover, our only question is, what are you waiting for?

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