How Do You Make a Balcony Usable Space?

Open spaces like balconies and terraces are highly romanticized and desirable.

Especially since our urban lifestyles started moving towards city life, open-air spaces like balconies have become all the more necessary.

They act like secluded open spaces that are private to us, and we can use them at our own will without owing anyone how we are supposed to use them.

Whether you want to keep it for leisure activity or some downtime – it is, after all, your balcony.

Hence, although there isn’t a right or wrong way to make the most of your balcony, there certainly are some amazing tips, tricks, and uses that can significantly help you alleviate the usability of your balcony.

Don’t believe it? Let us help you out.

12 Excellent Ways You Can Make the Most of Your Balcony

So to make things easier for people who are newly on the road to owning a balcony or have had a balcony for a long time but don’t know what to make of it – we have compiled a list of 12 excellent practical ways you can make the most of your balcony in many different ways.

So let’s put on your creative hats and get started!

Home to Your Plant Life

Obviously, the first thing you can make your balcony become a huge part of is your plant life.

In case you are a plant enthusiast or like to grow and take care of different plants, provide a good, nourishing home for them in your house.

Then there is no better place for them than a balcony.

A balcony makes for the perfect space to become home to your plant life because it gets plenty of air crossing and sunlight, both of which are vital for plants.

Therefore, make your balcony home to your plants.

More Storage, More Convenience

Most of the time, balconies are a part of apartments, and apartments are not necessarily known for being spacious.

Hence, almost every apartment owner needs plenty of storage space to keep things in place without cluttering the place too much.

So what better utilization of your balcony can you have than adding more storage options?

It is one of the best ways to add storage convenience to your apartment life without cluttering your indoor space or taking over the other, more hand-to-use space you may have.

Cozy Reading Nook

It is important to remember that there really isn’t any wrong way to make the most of your balcony.

So don’t feel ashamed when all you can think of is turning your balcony into a cozy reading nook.

After all, anybody would love a comfortable, cozy open-air nook just to read.

Moreover, you can decorate it however you like. You can add as many pillows, cushions, and sheets, make a teepee or a fort and simply use it to read without any distractions.

Better yet, whenever the weather is beautiful, you can just lie down with your book and coffee and enjoy.

Romantic Open-Air Space

Likewise, your balcony can make for a beautiful and romantic open-air space for you and your partner.

If you are living with your partner, you would know how liberating an open-air space is to simply enjoy each other’s company without being weirdly stared at.

Furthermore, apartment balconies can be enclosed, and you can make your area private as per your liking to use it however you want without the prying eyes of your neighbors.

Now you can lie among your plants and cushions and talk about life to each other.

Hammock Napping Corner

If you have that classic bohemian soul, you would also love hammocks and just how versatile and beautiful they can be.

Who says you can only add a hammock to a spacious balcony or a garden? Hammocks can very much be added anywhere and enjoyed likewise.

So why not make a cute little hammock-napping corner on your balcony?

You can sunbathe there when the sun is out, read, relax, enjoy and simply take a nap when you can no longer keep your eyes open.

You can choose any type of hammock and decorate the area however you like.

Welcome the Birdies

It is understandable if you aren’t too big of a fan of birds because of their pooping habits.

But if you have a bird feeder and some tricks up your sleeve to keep bird poop away, you should welcome the birdies on your balcony and enjoy some downtime with them.

Birds are cute and chirpy and significantly improve your mornings with their shrill voices. You can add food, water, and shelter for them to stay back or fly off.

Just remember to clear out the droppings and avoid any nesting situations, as this can lead to a potential allergic hazard.

Personalized Picnic Area

Who doesn’t like to have an open-air space all to their own and to do whatever they want? Well, now you can use your balcony as a personalized picnic area.

The best part about this is that you don’t even have to ensure that your balcony is big or spacious.

It just takes the right creative juices flowing even to make up most of a small, dainty balcony and create a cute little picnic spot.

In fact, nowadays, many event planners have also started optimizing their skills to decorate small spaces like balconies for personalized picnics at home.

Gallery Wall Showcase

Are you into paintings, photography, or any art requiring a display showcase? Well, now is your chance to utilize your balcony’s major wall as a gallery wall showcase.

You can frame your artwork or get them printed and hung up on the wall for a beautiful display setup.

Moreover, you can use this as a photography background too.

Thanks to all the natural light, you can stand in front of the wall and use the space to get your pictures clicked here.

Not only will it turn out beautiful, but you’ll get to use your balcony space just how you like it.

Movie Night Extravaganza

You might be thinking, if all the utilization of the balcony is during the daytime, what about when it gets dark? Well, worry not, as we have got you covered for that too.

What does a movie night sound like? Make it a screen if you have a major blank wall on your balcony.

All you need is a high-quality projector, and you are good to go.

When it’s dark, hook it up to a power source and lay it out in front of it with your plants, cushions, and sheets, and make a cozy movie night extravaganza to enjoy with your partner, roommate, or friends. 

Kiddy Swing Hanger

Having kids in an apartment can sometimes be a hassle because they require space to play and move around. How about you create a little play area for them on the balcony with a swing set?

You can install a kiddy swing hanger, which would take just enough space for a toddler.

Now your kid can spend time swinging about on the swing set on the balcony instead of fussing around to play.

You can even install a swing with a make-shift barrier to protect the kid from falling and swing them around while feeding them too.

Breakfast Bench

More adult use of the balcony space means a nice, sturdy bench and stools to make a private breakfast area.

You can decorate the bench according to your style or simply choose straw or lawn furniture to make it look light and bohemian.

Next thing you know, you have your very own breakfast bench to enjoy your Sunday brunches on a nice sunny day outside with your family.

Breakfast is an essential meal of the day, and having an exciting dedicated space to enjoy it really helps in staying regular with your meals.

Flooring over Furniture

Lastly, this idea is for people who have a small, vertically elongated balcony that most of the time doesn’t even make any sense unless being there for the sake of being there.

You can simply swap your furniture for flooring. It is a great, minimalist idea to help achieve the most.

Flooring options like area rugs, floor cushions, and ottomans make for a nice, rustic-style balcony and provide plenty of space to sit around and move about without getting in the way.

So, go for flooring over furniture and see your balcony space transform in front of your eyes.

Wrap Up

In conclusion, making the most of the balcony doesn’t have to be a certain way as there are no right or wrong ways to go about it.

However, one rule to always start by is to analyze the size of your balcony and not overdo whatever it is you are planning to do.

If you cater to your balcony according to its size and try to make the most of its usability in that much space, you’ll be surprised by how much this dainty little space can hold for you.

Hopefully, our ideas come in handy as you enjoy your new balcony.


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