How To Waterproof a Balcony Deck?

How To Waterproof a Balcony Deck

In order to get the most enjoyment out of your balcony deck, it is important that you waterproof it. As a result, your deck will be protected from the elements and its lifespan will be extended. If your balcony or terrace looks a little worn, a simple waterproofing job may be all you need to …

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How to Turn Balcony into a Small Office Workplace?

Balcony into a workspace

It’s no news that work-from-home is becoming common in today’s work culture. However, not every individual can afford a separate workspace; that’s much needed considering the plausible distractions at home. That’s where a separate balcony space comes in handy. A balcony can be turned into a tailored workstation in a few easy steps. You may …

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How to Remove Snow from Balcony?

How to Remove Snow from Balcony

If you live in a region that gets higher inches of snow every year, you might know the additional work snowfall brings. People mainly focus on removing snow from the roof, driveway, porch, etc. They know that weight of snow can damage the wood. However, balconies are the most neglected outdoor spaces in the winter. …

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How to Get Rid of Algae on Balcony?

Get Rid of Algae on Balcony

Don’t you just hate it when you go out to sit on the balcony and find green stuff on the corners and floor? Do you want to enjoy the sun on your patio or balcony uninterrupted? The green stains on your balcony and around the patios are called algae. They are photosynthetic, aquatic microorganisms that …

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How to Hang String Lights on the Balcony?

How to Hang String Lights on the Balcony

Your balcony is a multi-purpose space where you may host other people for dinner or spend your days lazing around in the sun. Some people use their balconies to read, study, or enjoy a gentle breeze. In terms of value, balconies are highly vaunted amenities that make apartments stand out. If you have a balcony …

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How Do You Make a Balcony Usable Space?

How Do You Make a Balcony Usable Space

Open spaces like balconies and terraces are highly romanticized and desirable. Especially since our urban lifestyles started moving towards city life, open-air spaces like balconies have become all the more necessary. They act like secluded open spaces that are private to us, and we can use them at our own will without owing anyone how …

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How to Clean Bird Poop off Balcony?

How to Clean Bird Poop off Balcony

The urban lifestyle has its perks and cons, but one thing that it hasn’t changed is our human need for an outdoor space. Whether you live in a suburban bungalow or a New York apartment – a balcony, deck, patio, terrace, and garden are some of the common outdoor spaces you get to enjoy a …

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How to Make an Apartment Balcony Private?

How to Make an Apartment Balcony Private

Who wouldn’t want to move into the heart of a hustling bustling city in a spacious apartment offering a breathtaking city view? Well, people who don’t like their privacy invaded would. Privacy issues are prevalent with living in apartment buildings. You have multiple neighbors, increasing the chances of some of them being very nosy, some …

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How To Start An Herb Garden On Your Balcony?

How To Start An Herb Garden On Your Balcony

Growing your favorite herbs on your balcony is a great idea. You can not only enjoy homegrown herbs in your cooking, but an herb garden also adds beauty to your outdoor space. For people who want to grow plants but live in apartments with a small balcony, herbs are the best and easiest plants to …

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Safest Ways to Hoist Furniture Over Balcony

Safest Ways to Hoist Furniture Over Balcony

Furniture hoisting usually refers to the repeated rising and pulling of items with the help of pulleys and ropes. The ways to hoist your furniture can vary, such as taking it down, moving it upwards through the window, or even the balcony. It saves time and your precious table from being dragged and damaged while …

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