How to Remove Snow from Balcony?

If you live in a region that gets higher inches of snow every year, you might know the additional work snowfall brings.

People mainly focus on removing snow from the roof, driveway, porch, etc. They know that weight of snow can damage the wood.

However, balconies are the most neglected outdoor spaces in the winter.

Nobody wants to go on the balcony in the snow, so we forget about cleaning the balcony. Getting rid of snow from your balcony and other outside areas of the house is important.

The weight of the ice can lead to wear and tear, resulting in a high repair cost. In extreme weather, the snow overload on a balcony can end up breaking and falling off the balcony.  

With the winter season approaching, it is essential to learn a few handy tricks to deal with high snow levels, whether cleaning the driveway, porch, or roof.

In this post, we have shared a guide on how to remove snow from the balcony. In addition, snow-melting products and methods to protect your balcony from snow are also mentioned.

Why Is It Important to Remove Snow?

As explained earlier, removing snow from balconies is very important. Since balconies are the most ignored space in your house during winter, they can cause damage to your property.

If your balcony is made of wood, there are higher risks of damaging the material in heavy snow.

Not shoveling or melting the snow leads to snow buildup. Lesser snow is more manageable to shovel to avoid damage.

However, if the snow is left untreated, it will weigh more than the balcony can take, resulting in collapse.

Moreover, water from the melting snow can also destroy the wood and add to the repair cost.

If your balcony is made of concrete, the ice can get trapped in the gaps, resulting in shifting concrete and leading to cracks.

This damage is irreversible and can lead to permanent damage.

Ice Melting Products

Ice-melting products are an effective way to melt snow and eliminate it. These products are safe to use and contain active ingredients. Here are some of our favorite ice-melting products:

Green Gobbler Pet Safe Ice Melt

Green gobbler pet-safe ice melt is made of magnesium chloride, a non-toxic ice-melting chemical.

Additionally, this ice melt is environmentally friendly and pet safe. This product can melt snow at -10 Fahrenheit and can melt snow fast.

Natural Rapport Pet-Friendly Ice Melt 

Natural rapport pet-friendly ice melt is produced in the USA. The product is pet safe and is made of eco-friendly formula. 

The product is free of calcium chloride and is an ideal alternative to rock salt. Additionally, the product not only melts snow but stops surfaces from re-icing.

Moreover, the ice melt features an easy-to-apply cap, reducing the need for a shaker bottle.

The ice-melting crystals reduce corrosion and don’t form clumps, allowing you to check the amount each time.

Safe Paw Salt-Free Ice Melt

Safe paw salt-free ice melt is yet another pet and environment-safe ice melt. The ice melt crystals are biodegradable and salt-free.

It’s a non-toxic formula that can melt ice at temperatures as low as 2 Fahrenheit. Additionally, the product has a long shelf life and is non-corrosive.

Bare Ground BGS-4 

The Bare Ground BGS-4 is a liquid de-icer. This product has a non-stick formula and can be used on any surface.

Additionally, the product is non-corrosive and safe for plants and the environment. It can melt snow fast and can prevent snow for about 2 weeks.

Natural Methods to Remove Snow From a Balcony

If you don’t feel safe using active ingredients around the house or on the balcony, here are some easy natural ways to help remove snow from a balcony.


Rake is found in your gardening tools and is used all year to remove fallen leaves and other grass debris from the lawn.

However, you can use a rake to remove snow from your balcony. It is a handy tool and can break large clumps of snow.

Additionally, it is a safe way to remove snow. However, this tool only helps in breaking clumps of snow.

You will need another tool to sweep or push the snow off the balcony. A snow broom or spade can help sweep the snow for the balcony.

It would be best to remember that rakes are made of hard metal and can cause damage to wooden balconies.

So, avoid bringing the rake too close to the railing and the sides of the balcony.


A shovel is a conventional method to remove snow. If you have a wooden balcony, use a plastic shovel.

Metal shovels can tear and scratch wood, resulting in additional patch-up costs. However, if your balcony is made of concrete, metal shovels won’t destroy or damage it.

Remember that a plastic shovel cannot carry massive snow and might break; instead, shovel smaller sections.

If you have a bigger space on your lawn, you can use a regular shovel.

However, smaller balconies don’t have enough space, so it is better to use a smaller-sized shovel.

Snow Broom

Most people are unaware of this technique; however, it is an excellent way to remove snow from balconies, decks, cars, patios, etc.

Snow brooms don’t look like the regular ones. Instead, they are flat, have a smooth foam head, and have rubber blades on both sides.

The snow broom features an adjustable pole, allowing you to use it on cars and windows.  

Snow brooms are inexpensive and work efficiently to remove snow from smaller areas like a balcony. Additionally, the snow broom can be folded and stored in your garage.

Leaf Blower

A leaf blower is another gardening tool with a multipurpose. Leaf blowers are tremendous conventional machines found in almost every household.

These blowers can work efficiently to remove fluffy snow. Compared to chemicals, this method will not destroy or damage your balcony.

An added benefit is that leaf blowers are easy to use and don’t require a lot of strength compared to shoveling.

However, leaf blowers are ideal for only snow storms and light snow. It won’t work on dense clumps of snow and snow buildup.

Heat Mats

If you enjoy watching the snow and sitting outside, heat mats are perfect for removing snow from balconies.

Heat mats not only melt snow but prevent snow buildup. They use electricity to warm up and work great in light snow and snow storms.

Additionally, these mats can melt 2 inches of snow in an hour.

Heat mats are expensive to remove snow, but they require no work. All you need to do is lay the heat mat on your balcony when snow is predicted and let it do its magic.

However, if heavy snow is predicted, it is best to remove the mat and get rid of the snow manually.

Wood Ash

If you have a fireplace in your home, you have wood ash. It is a great natural substance to eliminate fluffy snow since wood ash is rich in potassium salts.

Since wood ash is dark in color, it will absorb more sunlight resulting in melted snow.

Additionally, wood ash is safe to use as it is non-toxic and won’t harm your plants and pets.


Salt is a very popular method to melt snow. Most people prefer using slat is it is cheap and easy to find.

However, there are some drawbacks to using salt. Salt is corrosive and can damage your balcony. It can reduce the lifespan of wood and other furniture on your balcony.


Another natural method to remove snow off the balcony is using vinegar. It is acidic and can melt snow very quickly.

For this method, mix equal parts of vinegar and water in a spray bottle and use it on ice on your balcony.

The acidic nature of vinegar will cause the snow to melt, resulting in a clean balcony.

Moreover, the spray can get into smaller places, like in between railings and corners.  

Leftover Coffee Grounds and Sugar

Coffee is not only a beverage but can also help you get rid of snow on your balcony.

Coffee grounds are rich in nitrogen and create a chemical reaction when poured on ice.

Similarly, sugar works the same way. Anything that can dissolve in water will help in removing snow or ice.

DIY Ice Melter

Lastly, DIY ice melters are another clever way to remove snow from a balcony.

Add two tablespoons of dish soap and 2 ounces of alcohol in a spray bottle. Next, add 5 cups of water and shake the mixture well.

Use this mixture on hard, dense ice to melt it quickly. You can use this mixture before shoveling to soften the ice, making it easier to sweep.

How to Protect Your Balcony From Snow

Instead of going through all the trouble of removing snow, prepare your balcony for winter and snow-proof it. A tarp is a cheap way to snow-proof your balcony.

Whenever a snowstorm is predicted, use a plastic tarp and cover your balcony with it. After the snowstorm, shake the tarp to eliminate all the snow buildup before it freezes.

Another technique is to use a temporary balcony enclosure. You can customize the enclosures and get insulated ones.

In addition, balcony enclosures protect against not only snow but also harsh weather.

If you won’t be sitting in the balcony area during winter, pack all the outdoor furniture and bring all the soft furnishings.

However, removing snow right after a snowfall is essential to reduce repair costs.

Bottom Line

Removing snow can be challenging without professional help, but getting rid of snow is just as important.

In this article, we have shared a guide on removing snow from your balcony, including DIY and natural methods and store-bought chemical solutions.

We hope this post will help you eliminate and protect your balcony from snow.

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