What Is a Balcony Height Table?

Balconies are the most versatile spaces in a house. You can transform it into your comfort corner or a dining area for warm breezy evenings.

However, the entire transformation depends on one crucial aspect: furniture.

Even though numerous pieces count as furniture, a balcony table is a centerpiece that can make or break the look you’re opting for.

While the table’s shape can undoubtedly affect how cozy and welcoming the space looks, the table’s height makes the most difference in changing the vibe.

A balcony height table is typically perfect for a balcony space to transform the energy of the place.

What Is a Balcony Height Table?

Balcony height tables are tables of a specific height that are typically found on balconies.

These tables are usually around 19 inches tall, but the length can differ concerning the balcony space one owns.

Materials such as resin, wood, or aluminum, are used to manufacture these tables.

Choosing the right balcony table for your space can be challenging as the variety on e-commerce platforms or interior design boutiques can be overwhelming.

Besides that, the price also plays a role in the process. However, the most crucial part of selecting the perfect balcony height table is the structure of your balcony.

Structural Elements of a Balcony You Should Consider

Novices often make the mistake of getting the first balcony height table they like without considering the space where they’ll be putting it.

It’s a common error to overlook the balcony height, the other design elements that add or subtract from the balcony look, and the environmental factors surrounding the space.

But, paying close attention to such details can help choose the furniture that enhances the beauty of the space instead of taking away from it.

Here are some of the structural and environmental elements of a balcony that you should keep in mind when buying a balcony height table: 

Railing Height

Perhaps the most significant element of your balcony is the railing height. The height of the balcony’s boundary can aid in choosing the perfect height table.

Not considering the balcony’s railing height can make the most expensive and chic balcony height table look out of place.

If your balcony’s railing height is higher, you might have to choose a table that matches the height or is only slightly lower.

That’s because the railing height can block a view for shorter tables and cause safety concerns for the tables higher than the railing.

Either way, railing heights will hinder the experience of enjoying the time in the balcony space.

If your balcony’s railing is shorter in height, you may have to find a table that matches the height.

You can also choose outdoor seating pieces instead of a full-fledged table to make the space look put together.

Railing Material

Another property of the railing that contributes to choosing the perfect balcony height table is the material used to construct the railing.

Not only should the height table complement the railing material, but some materials can also impart versatility allowing some flexibility in choosing the perfect height table.

For instance, a glass railing can work perfectly with lowered height tables, as the glass doesn’t hinder the outdoor view for the people seated on the balcony.

In contrast, thick wrought iron railings, often adorned with plants, can cause trouble if you choose lowered pieces.

Hence, choosing a height table according to the railing’s material can impart better options for the height tables.

Also, ensure that the furniture pieces add to the space’s beauty by choosing complementing pieces. For instance, a wooden table next to a wrought iron railing would look fine.

But setting up a wrought iron bistro table matching the design elements of the railing would enhance the look instantly.

Balcony Space

It’s not just the height but the length of the table that matters as well. And the perfect length table for a balcony depends upon the available space.

A two-person tall-height table won’t complement a huge balcony space. Instead, a six or eight-seater dining table would look more welcoming in the space.

Besides the area, consider the balcony’s design elements to choose a well-fitting height table.

Matching the height table with the design elements would work perfectly for the overall look.

A metal railing adorned with climbers with a metal table in the center would look homey and chic.

You can also think of using balcony space as extra storage.

Several height tables in the market can serve as dining spaces, with extra platforms underneath for storing things.

Books, showpieces, additional crockery, and wines are some common items that people store underneath their height tables.

Environmental Elements

Environmental exposure is one of the most overlooked aspects when choosing a balcony height table.

Outdoor balcony spaces are always exposed to environmental elements, and the constant exposure can severely damage the pieces if the material of the height table isn’t well thought out.

Hence, you must always consider how exposed your balcony is to the sun or the strong wind currents.

For instance, a plastic height table would eventually have a faded top if heavily exposed to the sun.

Similarly, wooden tables may not be able to stand the test of time if your balcony constantly faces heavy rainfall.

However, a stainless metal height table with a beautiful paint finish can look lovely and survive the weather ordeal for the most part.

Different Types of Balcony Height Tables

Once you’ve assessed how each structural element of your balcony might impact the overall look, you will likely have a clear vision of what the ideal balcony height table must look like.

The two other elements, unrelated to the balcony, are the purpose of the table and the appropriate height.

Since different heights serve different purposes, there are several types of balcony height tables to choose from other than the standard 19” table.

Bar Height Tables

If you’re looking for a tall table that could double as a standing area for your outdoor bar, you can always buy a bar height table.

The average height of a bar height table ranges between 40 to 42 inches. The tables are perfect as standing counters for your balcony bar.

If you add seats to the minibar, you must get 28 to 30 inches bar stools or chairs.

The chairs provide additional seating for guests while adding a chic style to the balcony. The rustic style of furniture works the best for such aesthetics.

Despite the name, you don’t always need a bar to have a bar height table on your balcony.

You can also add a bar table across the railing if you want to enjoy the spectacular view of the night sky.

The high platform also works as a workspace keeping you more active due to elevation.

Counter Height Tables

Counter height tables make the perfect storage tables with their adequate height.

Their height ranges from 34 to 36 inches, with stools or chairs 24 to 26 inches high. Counter-height tables provide great eating and dining space for family gatherings.

Even if you’re planning a no-seating gathering, counter-height tables are perfect for arranging snacks and food so guests can help themselves.

The piece has also served long as a conversation area for people if the meal table is separately designed elsewhere.

Dining Height Tables

If you’re transforming your balcony space into a work or dining space, dining height tables are perfect for you.

The tables are typically 28 to 30 inches tall paired with 18 to 26 inches high chairs.

Dining height tables work perfectly for enjoying outdoor meals in gatherings or when working alone at a desk that works in height like a normal work desk.

Standard dining table sets are designed while keeping comfort in mind.

The difference between the table and the chair’s height is carefully determined, so the chair is angled perfectly to make the eating process comfortable.

Dining height tables can also double as a platform for board games.

Outdoor Lounge Tables

You don’t have to choose the different height tables if you’re looking for simple furniture pieces that’d give your balcony the feel of an outdoor patio.

Outdoor lounge tables work perfectly to fulfill this purpose. Coffee tables are common in lounges as they are great for relaxing sips of coffee and laid-back conversations.

Depending on the balcony space and the overall look that you’re opting for, the heights of outdoor lounge tables may differ.

You may find some incredible designs of coffee or end tables ranging between 15 to 19 inches in height.

However, if your balcony is big enough, you can always accommodate a fire pit table that’s 20 to 25 inches in height and perfect for summer parties and warm winter conversations.

To Sum It Up!

Your balcony area can look great with simple design elements. However, if you’re looking for an everyday dining or hangout area in a small apartment, don’t let the balcony space go to waste.

You’ll have to decide the mood you want to set with the space and choose furniture accordingly.

We hope the tips discussed in the article above will help you choose the perfect balcony height table and chair for your balcony.

You don’t need to compromise comfort over looks and vice versa because the different heights, styles, and materials of tables allow you to get the best of both worlds.

Keep enjoying your early mornings and beautiful sunsets on your balcony.

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